• Maire Elementary 

    Return to School Plan for Students and Families

    Please watch this Welcome Back Video 

    with helpful INFORMATION for our Hybrid Return

    PLEASE NOTE THE START DATES ARE OCTOBER 12th FOR Y5-2nd and OCTOBER 19th for 3rd-4th.

    Before Coming to School

    Parents and Students MUST go over the following checklist each morning before coming to school:

    Students will make sure they have the following things on the checklist:

    Health & Safety


    • Students are required to wear masks throughout the course of the day.
    • Masks must cover both mouth and nose. 
    • Students should bring 2-3 extra masks in the event their mask becomes wet or soiled.
    • Wear a mask when on school property 
    • PBIS Poster:  GPPSS Wearing a Mask

    Hand washing

    • Teachers will review proper hand washing procedures with students. See PBIS Poster: Wash Your Hands

    Hand Sanitizer

    • Students should use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not feasible, before/after touching any shared materials, and before entering any new space.

    Physical Distancing

    • Students should remain physically distanced - as close to 6 feet apart as possible.  
    • Student seating is physically distanced as close to 6 feet apart as possible.
    • Dividers will be placed between each student when tables are utilized.    
    • PBIS Poster:  GPPSS Physical Distancing

    Riding the Bus

    For students riding the bus, the following health and safety measures have been put in place:

    • Maintain social distancing at the bus stop and on the bus.
    • Use of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be supplied on the bus.
    • The bus driver, staff, and all students must wear masks while on the bus. 
    • Transportation staff will clean and disinfect transportation vehicles before and after every transit route.
    • Transportation staff will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in the vehicle prior to morning routes and prior to afternoon routes.
    • Transportation staff will clean, sanitize, and disinfect equipment that is stored on the bus, including items such as car seats, wheelchairs, walkers, and adaptive equipment being transported to schools daily.
    • Weather permitting, vehicles will be aired out before, during, and after routes.

    NOTE:  If a student becomes sick during the day, parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up your child, as school provided transportation will not be available.

    Our garden side parking lot is for STAFF, ASD Parents, and our BUS ONLY.  

    Riding the Bus PBIS Poster:  GPPSS Riding the Bus



    8:25am Bell

    Parent Drop off and Pick up will be contactless.  Students who are capable of getting themselves out of their own car (unbuckle, gather materials, and open/shut the door) can use the drop off lane.  If your child is not capable, we recommend parking and an adult walking your child at the CROSSWALK to the line up areas.

    *Inclement weather*
    Students will not be allowed in the building until 8:25 a.m.  Please do not drop your student off prior to 8:20 a.m.  There will be NO indoor line up during inclement weather.

    4th, Kindergarten, Young 5s (Parking lot side morning line up)

    • Students will have class lines spaces 6 feet apart
    • Individual spots are marked 6 feet apart with either Maire “M”s or Paw Prints
    • When the bell rings at 8:25 students will be on their class marks (parents say your goodbyes) and the teachers will come pick them up

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd (Far playground/garden side morning line up)

    • Students will have class lines spaced 6 feet apart
    • Individual spots are marked 6 feet apart with either Maire “M”s or Paw Prints
    • When the bell rings at 8:25 students will be on their class marks (parents say your goodbyes) and the teachers will come pick them up


    Our bus will be using the Garden Side parking lot off the alley behind Kroger.  Students in our ASD program will be using the Garden Door for entrance.  Parents are not permitted to park in the garden side lot

    Parent Drop Off - 

    • Parents/volunteers are not allowed in school buildings.
    • Families should be masked when dropping off and picking up students.
    • Students should be masked when waiting to enter the building.
    • Students will proceed directly to their classroom once their teacher picks them up and will use hand sanitizer when entering the room.
    • Students will enter through the doors stated above.
    • Drop Off/Pick Up Lane will only be for students capable of loading or unloading unassisted.


     Please note that our student Safety Patrol will not be operating during hybrid learning. Please arrange for a responsible person to help your child walk to school and cross safely.

    PBIS Poster:  GPPSS Arrival

    Student Materials in the Classroom

    • Students will access lockers/cubbies mainly at entry and dismissal.  

    • Students will have their own locker/cubby (no sharing).

    • Students in 1st-4th will have their own desk to store their materials in the classroom

    • Students should not share materials with other students. 

    Using Materials in the Classroom

    • Pencils, Crayons, Scissors, etc.
      • We will do our best to make sure students use their own supplies that are kept in their desk/backpack.

    • Classroom libraries
    • Students can borrow books from the classroom library. 
    • Students will keep the books they borrow in their desk or take them home and return them to the teacher when they are finished.  
      • School libraries will have a classroom check out. Media specialists will bring books to the classrooms.


    The Classroom Ready Checklist includes students bringing a charged device (depending on your grade) to school every day.  

    Secondary students should bring a device each day.  

    Elementary students will receive information from classroom teachers regarding the need to bring devices into the classroom.

    Complete this parent form if you still need to borrow a device or for at home learning or need help with MiStar Parent Portal, Schoology, or K12 Registration


    Restrooms will be cleaned every four hours.  For those that have restrooms in the classrooms, this means a custodian will need to come into your room during instruction to clean.  

    For Communal Restrooms

    We will need to teach students these procedures:

    • Only 2 students are allowed in the restroom at one time. 

    There will be social distancing floor stickers outside of each restroom where students wait (physically distanced) for someone to leave so they can enter.  

    Lunch Choices

    For lunch, students can:

    • Bring their own lunch from home.
    • Order a school lunch that is pre-packaged and delivered to the classroom.  
    • Students ordering a school lunch will notify their teacher when attendance is taken at the beginning of the day.
    • ALL student meals are FREE while the USDA waiver is in place.

    Lunch/Schedule  Procedures

    Lunch will take place in the classroom for all students. 

    • K/Y5/ASD  lunch delivery begins at 11:00am (recess at 11:30)
    • 1st grade lunch will be at 11:30am (recess at 11:00)
    • 2nd and 3rd lunch will begin at 12:00pm (recess at 12:30)
    • 4th grade lunch  begin at 12:30pm (recess at 12:00)
    • Students will use hand sanitizer before and after lunch. 
    • Students will wipe down their desk before and after lunch using a wipe provided by the teacher.   

    Lunch procedures  

    • Students are permitted to leave the building under authorized adult supervision for lunch time. 
    • An authorized adult must sign the student out from the office before a student is allowed to leave the building for lunch. 
    • Upon the student’s return, the student will be required to come into the office before going back to class. 


    Meal Time PBIS Poster: Meal Time


    Lunch Recess

    • Each class/team/grade will be assigned a specific location on the playground, field,  and/or blacktop to play.
    • Students will stay in their assigned location with their classroom cohort.
    • Each class/team/grade will have access to playground equipment (basketball, football, frisbee, soccer ball, jump ropes, hula hoops, tennis balls, sidewalk chalk, etc). Equipment will be sprayed daily by custodial staff. 
    • Students are NOT allowed to bring in their own recess toys and share them with students. 
    • Students should wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer when returning to the classroom after recess.
    • We all know brain breaks will be more important than ever this year. Teachers will coordinate mask breaks, movement breaks, and brain breaks throughout the day.
    • Students are allowed to play together in grade level/team cohorts when masks are worn. 
    • When playing outside with their classroom cohort, students may play without a mask while respecting social distancing procedures. 



    2:30 pm Bell

    To minimize contact, dismissal may take a bit longer than we are used to.  The bell will ring at 2:30pm.

    Kindergarten/Young 5 early dismissal

    • Our youngest students will be out of the building at the playground/garden doors by 2:25 (5 minutes prior to the rest of the school) to ensure these students find their responsible adult safely.

    Student exits

    • 4th grade students will exit the Parking Lot side doors.  
    • All other grades will be dismissed from the far Playground/Garden doors.


    • Students will be picked up by their families at their designated spot outside the school building. 
    • Students are expected to walk home shortly after dismissal and are not allowed to play on the playground unless a grown up is present. 
    • Students waiting to be picked up will be standing on open line up marks until their car arrives.

    Bus Riders

    • Students will be dismissed when buses arrive. All students will stay in their classrooms until their bus is called.

    Families should be masked when dropping off and picking up students.

    Student Pick Up and Drop Off During School Hours 

    Pick up and drop off during the school day will happen through the secured vestibule in our Maire Office

    • If your child needs to be picked up from school early, you must pick them up in the main office. 
    • Students who are later than 10 minutes will need to be brought into the office to sign in and then head to their classroom.

     In the event that your student begins to feel ill at school

    • Office staff will call you and ask you to pick up your student as soon as possible.  
    • Students cannot be sent back to class. 
    • Students must be symptom free (without medication) for 24 hours before returning to school.  To ensure the safety of staff and students, no exceptions will be made.
    • If student is exposed to Covid-19 or has a positive Covid-19 test GPPSS will follow these Wayne County COVID-19 Case Scenarios and Action Steps

    We look forward to seeing all of our Maire Bears back in school!