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All families with children in GP Traditional must complete this daily screening form every day their child has face to face instruction. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.

COVID Case Transparency Report

Click here to see the GPPSS transparency report to comply with Emergency Order MCL 333.2253 – Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools, per Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Y5-5th Grade Return Plan for GP Traditional

Click here to see the GPPSS Traditional Return to Learn Plan for Young Fives-Fifth Grade.

GPPSS Learning Plan

Click here to learn about the educational plan developed by GPPSS staff for the 2020-2021 school year

GP Learning Plan Teacher Edition

A guide developed by GPPSS teachers and administrators to help students and teachers thrive through best practice in 2020-21

MI Safe Schools Roadmap

Click here to the Governor's MI Safe Schools Return to School Roadmap

GPPSS Safety Plan

Here is a high level overview of the GPPSS Safety Plan

Wayne County Safety Plan

Here is the August 14 county direction for a safe return to school roadmap

OneGP Virtual

Visit the OneGP Virtual site to learn more about this all year virtual experience for 2020-21

Wayne County COVID Dashboard

Click here to visit the Wayne County dashboard. This document provides a rolling 7 day average of COVID cases by city. The risk level for each city corresponds to the matrix districts use to determine how 'open' our schools are.

  • GPPSS 2020-21 Learning Options


    Students in using Chromebooks Students in using Chromebooks


    GPPSS has developed a PLAN TO RETURN TO FACE TO FACE INSTRUCTION (updated 9/25) for those in the GP Traditional program, starting with students in Young Fives/Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. That plan has additional links embedded such as the matrix from the Health Department, the Governor's Roadmap, and the Wayne County Return to School Roadmap. For students with IEP’s, please refer to the link for the UPDATED SPECIAL EDUCATION RETURN PLAN 2020. Attached is a pdf in case you have any difficulty accessing the google file.
    Thursday, September 24, from 6-7:30 p.m., GPPSS hosted a virtual Town Hall specifically on this return to Face to Face (F2F) instruction. It was LIVESTREAMED and recorded for you to view at your convenience. After the presentation, QUESTIONS SUBMITTED THROUGH THIS GOOGLE FORM (open now) will be answered by GPPSS staff. Please use this form, and not email or social media for questions, so we have a record of what is asked.
    Input of staff and families will be incorporated into a proposal that will go before the Board of Education at their regular meeting, 7 p.m., Monday, September 28. That board meeting will also be livestreamed and recorded.

    Based on feedback from all stakeholders we have revised a significant aspect of the plan.  When students return via this plan they will join one of two cohorts attending in a more standardized two-week cycle as follows:

    • Cohort A will attend M-W-Th-M-Th
    • Cohort B will attend T-F-T-W-F

    This will still result in students attending for five days out of each ten day period, but by structuring the days this way families will have an easier time arranging regular child care and support for their kids on days their child is not attending school F2F.

    Please remember that at this time this plan is specific to Young Fives - 5th grade.
    Please note: OneGP Virtual students will remain in remote learning. We are emailing this information to all staff and families and it is posted here under the News section of the district website.
    Thank you for continuing to partner with us in your child's education.

    August 2020

    The district has developed a GPPSS Learning Plan in compliance with the Governor's Safe Schools Roadmap:

    • GP Traditional
    • OneGP Virtual
    • Hybrid

    Families within the Grosse Pointe Public School System are familiar with the GP Traditional experience. Families who elect to participate in face to face instruction will be in that environment with the additional precautions outlined in the Safety Plan. A high level overview of the safety plan (masks, handwashing, additional spacing) has been provided and the district will continue to release updated information based on CDC and Health Department guidelines, as well as answer questions and respond to feedback from staff and families. Here is the latest memo dated Spetember 16, 2020 regarding health department and school district guidance for increasing and decreasing intensity of in person instruction in Michigan School Districts.


    GPPSS Learning Formats

    As we start the school year, both GP Traditional remote and OneGP Virtual learning options for GPPSS students and families will provide a more consistent, clear and robust experience than the one GPPSS students experienced in response to emergency building closures at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Please open This PDF document for a quick comparison, with additional details in the FAQ online.


    Return To School FAQ


    Magnet Multiage FAQ

    Magnet Multiage FAQ


    Kids Club and Mid Club Reopening Plan



    Tuition Based Early Childhood Reopening Plan



    Technology Town Hall



    Device Discounts

    Device Purchasing

  • Timeline

    • July 27-29 - Presentation to Board of Education and Families
    • August 3-7 - OneGP Virtual School Online Registration 
    • August 10-17 - OneGP Virtual Staff Selection Process
    • August 18 - OneGP Virtual Staff Notified
    • August 19 - September 8
      • Planning, preparation and professional development
    • TBD - Student and parent orientation
    • September 8 - First day of OneGP Virtual is the same as Face to Face Instruction
  • Letter from Superintendent

    Posted by Rebecca Fannon on 8/7/2020

    Letter From Superintendent

    Dear GPPSS Families, Staff and Students,

    First and foremost, we appreciate your feedback and want to work with you to implement a safe and healthy start on September 8th.  The Return to School Plan will continue to evolve.  We know that the federal, state and local authorities are going to continue to provide guidelines through executives orders and legislation as they did this past March, when all schools and families were faced with the difficult shift to a virtual environment due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19.  As educators and parents, all of us hoped that making this difficult shift abruptly last spring, would result in students and staff being able to return to school buildings safely and soon.

    At this time, we believe it is better, safer and in everyone’s best interest to start Tuesday, September 8, 2020, in full remote learning with a gradual plan to bring everyone back.  

    As you know, this month Governor Whitmer’s Return to Learn Task Force issued a document encouraging all schools to focus on in-person instruction to the safest extent possible.  GPPSS convened a taskforce of staff that created a robust plan with a face-to-face learning option, a hybrid learning option, and a 100% remote learning option.  These plans have been shared with our staff and community.  As leaders, we have been listening to feedback, adjusting those plans, and making decisions in the best interest of safety and learning for our students and staff.

    This past week GPPSS committed to families to offer two options for our students this fall:

    • OneGP Virtual is an option open to families that feel that a fully virtual option would be best for their child for at least a semester.

    • GPPSS Traditional is an option that would pivot students between face-to-face, hybrid and 100% remote options as warranted by the current best thinking around student and staff safety.


    As our administrative team has listened to our staff and students, observed the work of other districts and countries, and most importantly viewed the safety situation for our community, we have decided to recommend to the Board of Education that our GPPSS Traditional students begin the Fall 2020 school year in a 100% remote environment using the OneGP Virtual model. Please note the following:

    1. OneGP Virtual will still proceed. Families will still notify the district of their preference.

    2. While GPPSS Traditional will begin the year in a 100% remote environment, it is our intent that as the safety situation permits, students in this program will transition into a hybrid or fully face-to-face environment as soon as it is safe to do so. Here are the major differences between last spring’s experience and this fall’s for those electing GPPSS Traditional:

      1. All students will have both synchronous (real time) and asynchronous instruction

      2. GPPSS staff will design an opportunity for our students with the most need, including our at-risk students, students in our categorical special education programs, our youngest students, and others requiring the most support to return to some moderated version of in-person small group instruction opportunities soon after the start of the school year.

      3. Additional time will allow more safety protocols to be reviewed and implemented (temperature checks,  PPE selection, training)

      4. Unlike this spring, our staff will have access to our buildings and learning materials

      5. Childcare will be available for GPPSS staff and essential workers

      6. Additional training on remote learning will be provided for staff, families and students


    I know that the above information significantly impacts our children and families.  While the decisions above prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff, we acknowledge educational opportunities for our students are more limited in a 100% remote environment.  Additionally, our families that need or want their children to be physically in school due to student needs, or family or working situations, are impacted by this decision. This is not easy. 

    By making this decision now, our dedicated staff can work to ensure that the 100% remote learning opportunity we provide our students in GPPSS Traditional and One GP Virtual will move from surviving the emergency experience they had in the spring, to thriving this fall.  The experience our students have remotely this fall will be consistent, robust and interactive.  With over a month of planning time left before September 8, I am confident that our teachers and staff will be ready to provide both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for our students starting from the first day of school.

    We all want to get to full time in-person teaching and learning.  We will follow the guidelines and safety protocols to get there.  It is going to take a major flattening of the curve or a vaccine for full time in-person learning to happen. This is not easy, but we believe it is what’s best for kids. We need your support and help to make this happen.



    Gary C. Niehaus


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