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Third Grade Reading Legislation

  • Legislation states that all Third Grade students who do not earn a proficient score on the Third Grade State Summative Assessment (M-STEP) may be retained.  

    With the exception of the retention language, this law is consistent with Grosse Pointe Public School System’s historical approach and dedication to a multi-tiered system of support for our students. Basically, to avoid retention a student must demonstrate one of the following:

    1. Proficiency on State Assessment
    2. Proficiency on an alternative assessment
    3. Proficiency through a portfolio
    4. Qualification for a good cause exemption

    Per the legislation, students demonstrating deficiencies in reading are required to have an Individual Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP) created in partnership with their teacher, principal, and parents.  Below is the communication that families will receive and a sample IRIP:

    Parent Letter

    Sample GPPSS Individualized Reading Improvement Plan

    A team of educators and administrators continue to collaborate to update our already successful local plan to be consistent with the requirements identified in the Third Grade Reading Law. The district will continue to comply with the mandated testing, keeping our instructional focus on what is best and developmentally appropriate for our students. Family involvement and understanding is a critical part of this effort.

    The most important thing you can do is to set aside time each day to read together.  Please connect with your building principal and/or Literacy Coach if you have any questions.  We appreciate your ongoing support as partners in education.