• Welcome to Kids Club/Mid Club!


    We are so glad you have chosen to explore our program. During traditional face to face learning, Kids Club/Mid Club provides care before and after school for students at their home school. The Grosse Pointe Public School System recognizes the need for school-based child care in our community. Kids Club/Mid Club is a self-supporting program aimed at providing a safe and supervised environment for elementary and middle school children. 


    Beginning March 1, 2021, GPPSS to pivot back to 100% face to face learning for all GP Traditional students. This will be the first time since March 2020 that all students will be in the building at once. Since July 2020, Kids Club/Mid Club (Camp O'Fun) has been open to care for students during the summer, 100% virtual learning, and hybrid learning. 


    Starting March 1, 2021, Kids Club will return to all of the elementary schools for before and after school Kids Club. Mid Club will open at Brownell and Parcells (dependant on registration numbers). At the time being, Pierce students will continue to utilize the Kids Club program at Defer Elementary. 

Kids playing
  • Kids Club/Mid Club staff plan activities which are developmentally appropriate and enhance physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. The opportunity to be with friends in a supervised program benefits children and offers parents a safe, practical solution for child care needs before and after school or all day care.