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    GPPSS has developed a PLAN TO RETURN TO FACE TO FACE INSTRUCTION (updated 9/25) for those in the GP Traditional program, starting with students in Young Fives/Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. That plan has additional links embedded such as the matrix from the Health Department, the Governor's Roadmap, and the Wayne County Return to School Roadmap. For students with IEP’s, please refer to the link for the UPDATED SPECIAL EDUCATION RETURN PLAN 2020. Attached is a pdf in case you have any difficulty accessing the google file.
    Thursday, September 24, from 6-7:30 p.m., GPPSS hosted a virtual Town Hall specifically on this return to Face to Face (F2F) instruction. It was LIVESTREAMED and recorded for you to view at your convenience. After the presentation, QUESTIONS SUBMITTED THROUGH THIS GOOGLE FORM (open now) will be answered by GPPSS staff. Please use this form, and not email or social media for questions, so we have a record of what is asked.
    Input of staff and families will be incorporated into a proposal that will go before the Board of Education at their regular meeting, 7 p.m., Monday, September 28. That board meeting will also be livestreamed and recorded.

    Based on feedback from all stakeholders we have revised a significant aspect of the plan.  When students return via this plan they will join one of two cohorts attending in a more standardized two-week cycle as follows:

    • Cohort A will attend M-W-Th-M-Th
    • Cohort B will attend T-F-T-W-F

    This will still result in students attending for five days out of each ten day period, but by structuring the days this way families will have an easier time arranging regular child care and support for their kids on days their child is not attending school F2F.

    Please remember that at this time this plan is specific to Young Fives - 5th grade.
    Please note: OneGP Virtual students will remain in remote learning. We are emailing this information to all staff and families and it is posted here under the News section of the district website.
    Thank you for continuing to partner with us in your child's education.




    Technology Town Hall


    Device Discounts

    Device Purchasing


    August 2020

    The district has developed a GPPSS Learning Plan in compliance with the Governor's Safe Schools Roadmap:

    • GP Traditional
    • OneGP Virtual
    • Hybrid

    Families within the Grosse Pointe Public School System are familiar with the GP Traditional experience. Families who elect to participate in face to face instruction will be in that environment with the additional precautions outlined in the Safety Plan. A high level overview of the safety plan (masks, handwashing, additional spacing) has been provided and the district will continue to release updated information based on CDC and Health Department guidelines, as well as answer questions and respond to feedback from staff and families. Here is the latest memo dated Spetember 16, 2020 regarding health department and school district guidance for increasing and decreasing intensity of in person instruction in Michigan School Districts.


    GPPSS Learning Formats

    As we start the school year, both GP Traditional remote and OneGP Virtual learning options for GPPSS students and families will provide a more consistent, clear and robust experience than the one GPPSS students experienced in response to emergency building closures at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Please open This PDF document for a quick comparison, with additional details in the FAQ online.


    • July 27-29 - Presentation to Board of Education and Families
    • August 3-7 - OneGP Virtual School Online Registration 
    • August 10-17 - OneGP Virtual Staff Selection Process
    • August 18 - OneGP Virtual Staff Notified
    • August 19 - September 8
      • Planning, preparation and professional development
    • TBD - Student and parent orientation
    • September 8 - First day of OneGP Virtual is the same as Face to Face Instruction


    Return To School FAQ


    Magnet Multiage FAQ

    Magnet Multiage FAQ


    Kids Club and Mid Club Reopening Plan



    Tuition Based Early Childhood Reopening Plan



    Superintendent Update on Back to School Plan 7/6/20

    Dear GPPSS Staff, Students and Community,

    As I have previously shared, a variety of teams are working as part of our GPPSS Reopening Task Force to design the learning experience for our students for the 20-21 school year.  While the work of these teams has been ongoing for some time, like you, we were eagerly awaiting the announcement by the Governor's Education Return to School Advisory Council that was provided last week.  In light of this announced plan from the governor I wanted to share with you our current GPPSS plans.

    Per direction from the Advisory Council, GPPSS must submit three plans to WRESA for their approval.  

    • Our first plan, which would provide in-person instruction for students each day of the week, could be used in Phase 4 and would be used in Phases 5-6.

    • A second plan would provide a hybrid structure which would involve students experiencing a blend of in-person learning and remote learning.  This hybrid plan could be used if our region was in Phase 4.

    • A third plan would provide for 100% online learning if we are in Phases 1-3.

    There are still significant unknowns about COVID-19 and its impact on the start of the school year.  GPPSS will be prepared to pivot between plans based on CDC guidelines and the Governor's direction.  Our hope as a district is to offer in-person instruction to students on a daily basis in Phases 4-6.

    Regardless of which phase our region is experiencing, we know that some of our students will not be able or willing to attend in-person instruction for the 2020-21 school year.  All GPPSS students will be eligible to enroll in GP Online for the 2020-21 school year.  GP Online will be a 100% remote school, supported by GPPSS teachers that will provide instruction for students in grades K-12.  The focus of GP Online will be to deliver high quality instruction to students that provides them the opportunity to grow as learners and continue their education. GP Online offerings will include core content, allowing the students to be ready to return to regular in-person instruction for the 2021-22 school year.

    Later this summer we will provide all families with more information regarding our plans for the 2020-21 school year, as well as more specific details regarding GP Online.  Early in August, students interested in GP Online will need to enroll in this specific program so that we can staff the program and plan for the implementation of this option.

    Please continue to stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing.  If we as a community can make safe choices this summer we have the best chance to be working with students in-person in September.


    Gary C. Niehaus


    Safe Schools Roadmap

    Here are resources related to Governor Whitmer’s June 30th news conference.

    In the Grosse Pointe Public School System, our first priority is the health and safety of our students. We are pleased to see the Governor's guidelines, which offer schools useful direction surrounding a safe reopening. Based on these guidelines, it is clear there will be a variety of requirements for us to implement, and we will continue planning throughout the summer to ensure a safe return to school. We are excited to welcome students back in the fall under the safety rules outlined by the state. We will review these guidelines against our plans that are already in development, ranging from a full return to school to a robust remote learning plan. 

    The governor’s comprehensive plan provides districts with guidance on the use of PPE, good hygiene, cleaning/disinfecting, transportation, athletics, and more. Highlights include all staff and all 6th-12th grade students wearing masks, with PreK-12 students wearing masks in common spaces (such as hallways). Parents were asked to help by taking their child’s temperature each day and keeping them home when sick. Guidelines on sports were also included, with the note that the Governor expects to hear from Michigan High School Athletic Association by late July regarding sports that cannot avoid close contact - potentially moving sports like football to the spring. The Roadmap also recognizes the impact COVID-19 has had on students’ and educators’ mental health, and offers guidance on how schools can address this issue. 

    In recognition that these protocols will cost money, the Governor also announced that she was allocating $256 million to support each district’s ability to implement their local plans. We know all too well there will be significant costs associated with every aspect of adhering to this plan. As such, we need to see a renewed commitment from state and federal legislators to allocate additional funding for schools to be able to follow these guidelines and reopen safely.


    Updated Middle and High School Grading Plan

    During remote learning, we continue to focus on a student-centered, flexible approach to learning and grading. As you are aware, the student and staff expectations shared after spring break identified the process that allows families to choose a letter grade or a 'pass' grade if students earned an A through D- in a course.  Over the last few weeks, we've identified the process for students that fail a course.  If a student earns an 'E' in a course, an 'N' will be given.  The 'N' will not impact the student's GPA and will not award credit for the course at the high school level.

    Below is the information previously shared with students, staff and families. The last sentence defines the process for students that fail a course.

    Computing Semester Grades for Students Enrolled in High School Courses and Middle School Courses

    Final letter grades using the standard grading scale and the A through E system will be provided to each student.  Upon receipt of the final grade, a student may elect to maintain the assigned letter grade or receive a 'pass' grade for any course that the student receives an A through D- in.  Students may elect to receive letter grades in some courses while electing a passing grade in others.  At the end of the semester, if a student receives a failing grade, an 'E' will be given.  The 'E' will be changed to an 'N' on the transcript; the 'N' does not negatively impact a student's GPA and does not award credit for the course.

    May 8th 2020 Crisis Plan


    This Plan for COVID-19 exposure prevention, preparedness and response and for response to seasonal influenza pandemic is hereby issued in accordance with Section 10(a) of Executive Order 2020-42, and shall be implemented immediately by all District staff. 


    April 20 Continuous Learning Plan

    With safety as our number one priority, we support the difficult decision made by Governor Whitmer to suspend face to face learning for the remainder of the school year. However, as we have shared many times, learning will not stop in the Grosse Pointe Public School System. Here is a link to the GPPSS Continuous Learning Plan approved by Wayne Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA). Along with the student and teacher expectations shared last week, it provides more clarity on how we as a learning community will approach the rest of this school year.

    Our team has worked tirelessly to create our new GPPSS Continuous Learning Plan. Teachers and staff have assembled robust learning experiences for students to use while school is moved to an online format. This is a unique opportunity for our entire community of learners to embrace our mission and vision:


    Our Mission: Promote Innovation → Maximize Potential → Embrace Community

    Our Vision: One GP: where everyone learns, everyday


    Our Continuous Learning Plan will afford both structure and flexibility, adapting to each family’s needs each week. Please continue to give feedback to your teachers so that working together, we can support each learner.


    Adapting Best Practices

    We have appreciated parent and staff input as together we watch plans develop across the nation and globe. We have pulled together as an educational community, learning from one another and adapting designs and tools to best meet the needs of our unique community of learners as we move forward in the curriculum. In fact, Grosse Pointe was among a very few leaders in education who started online learning with an expectation students would continue to receive new content.

    The new Continuous Learning Plan will look a little different from what students have been asked to engage with these past few weeks. Our goal in this new program is to engage students in developmentally appropriate activities, with appropriate amounts of academic time on task, to accomplish what our teachers and administrators have deemed essential content and skills for each grade or course. 


    Opportunity for Innovation

    Education during the quarantine is an opportunity to challenge our thinking around what school is and should be. Like never before, students will have an opportunity to shape their learning. With the grading recommendations set forth, students will also be encouraged to take academic risks while receiving feedback from teachers with the opportunity to try again. A student-centered, flexible approach to learning and grading is key at this time. Please know we will work with each student to help them adapt to this new learning environment and we recognize the social and emotional stresses on children, families and our staff. Thank you for recognizing that many of our staff are also balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. Mental and physical health come first. And you can expect teachers to communicate with families and students regularly through a variety of formats.  Together we will help students and staff maintain that critical balance while we promote a love of learning.


    Ideas to Support the Continuous Learning Plan

    More than anything, we need you to reach out to your teachers if something is not working for your family, or if time on task exceeds what works for your student, which will hopefully help avoid frustration. We encourage your family to take time to discuss: 


    • Establishing an age-appropriate school schedule for each child with their input. This may look different day to day, but children respond well to structure. Allowing them to choose activities like a brain break helps them feel connected to the process.)
    • Brain breaks/movement time - consider the Physical Education suggestions as ideas for this
    • Social engagement (through a variety of digital tools students can use to connect - both academic and for fun)
    • Flexible/creative play and discovery - tap into their hobbies and interests to supplement instruction, and watch for links for virtual field trips that groups like the DIA, Detroit Zoo and others are providing free of charge
    • Specials classes - here are Elementary Music Department activities any family can incorporate

    Our school staff will continue to support students during this period of uncertainty. Students need to know they are cared about and cared for by the trusted adults they have come to know and rely upon during school. Access to learning and structure are proven to lower stress and anxiety, which is even more important during this challenging time. 


    Students with IEPs and 504s

    As we begin the rollout of the district’s Continuous Learning Plan, we will provide support to students with IEP’s via a Contingency Learning Plan (CLP). 

    Students with IEP’s will be working with case managers on a Contingency Learning Plan (CLP) over the next couple weeks. The CLP will align with the district’s approved Plan, and will be individualized to meet staff and family needs.  The CLP will be reasonable and appropriate, in light of current circumstances, and followed in good faith effort.  

    Section 504 plans (primarily accommodations) are being followed by the flexible and Universal Design for Learning approach we have in place through the district’s approved instructional Plan.  

    We will schedule and hold annual IEPs virtually, when possible. If you are not comfortable holding your child's IEP meeting virtually, we will make arrangements to schedule the annual IEP once we are all back in the school setting. 


    Launching our Continuous Learning Plan

    While today is the official start of our Continuous Learning Plan, with your insight the district will continue to develop this plan. Over this next week, please take time to configure a comfortable spot in your home for your child to do school work. Please talk to your child about what this new version of school will look like and how your family will work together to support one another. Understanding that students thrive on routine and structure and both have been severely compromised as a result of the global health crisis, our new Continuous Learning Plan aims to provide both in a flexible and adaptable way. Thank you for partnering with us.



    Dr. Gary C. Niehaus



    April 13

    Student and Teacher Expectations going into effect next Monday, April 20th

    Consistent with the Governor's plan to continue learning through the end of the school year, GPPSS has been hard at work developing and refining a Continuity of Learning Plan. The district will submit that to Wayne RESA for approval this Wednesday after additional feedback from our teachers. As part of that process, GPPSS developed these Staff and Student Expectations.

    Elementary Student and Teacher Expectations During Remote Learning April 20-June 12, 2020

    The following document was developed collaboratively between GPPSS administrators and teachers in response to the Governor's order regarding COVID-19.


    During this unprecedented time, the safety and health of our students, staff, and families continue to be our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. GPPSS is here for you, and we will work through this together, one day at a time. The District understands the complexity of family dynamics when raising young children, and we take that into consideration as we develop a remote learning plan.  With that being said, GPPSS is committed to providing learning opportunities that will support essential skills at differentiated levels. In short, a student-centered, flexible approach to learning with feedback is essential during this time.  The intent of this document is to provide clarity for teachers and families regarding remote learning, academic expectations, and participation while providing flexibility to ensure success.  Understanding family dynamics during this time, the majority of activities students engage in will continue to be asynchronous (not required to be logged in at a specific time).


    During April 20 - June 12, 2020 all elementary students will:

    • Receive learning opportunities from homeroom teachers, special teachers, and support programs.  

    • Complete assignments and activities provided by teachers

    • Receive support from the teacher within the context of the remote learning environment

    • Access district-approved digital content assigned by teacher (ie. Freckle Math, Imagine Math, Lexia, ConnectEd Math games, etc.)  If a device or technical assistance is needed, parents may contact GPPSS by leaving a voicemail at 313-432-3131 or email


    During April 20 - June 12, 2020 elementary staff will:

    • Connect with students and families regarding their social, emotional and academic needs as appropriate and provide support.

    • Collaborate with other teachers, grade level leaders, and administration to ensure that learning is focused on only the essential content/skills.  

    • Continue supporting learning by providing academic opportunities.

      • Youtube, screencast, video conference time, how to document, etc. 

      • For new material, must include lesson explanation

    • Strive to strike the proper balance between providing an appropriate amount of content (focusing on the essential content/skills) with the reality that our students are experiencing remote learning in an uncertain world.

    • Work with support staff, and building administrators to develop a plan of support if a COVID-related hardship is identified. 

    • Contact your building administrator so that a communication plan can be developed in the event the teacher cannot partner with students remotely due to a teacher's personal or family health obligations.

    • Progress monitor skills and student usage of district-approved (Freckle, Lexia, Imagine Math) digital content and connect with students/families that need support.  

    • Continue to follow IEP & Section 504 plan accommodations & supports in a reasonable and appropriate manner


    GPPSS Elementary Grading Practices and Procedures - 2019-20 School Year Only:

    During this period of remote learning necessitated by the outbreak of COVID-19, GPPSS will implement the following regarding the grading of assignments, reporting of grades and student promotion:  Per the order from the Governor, a student's grade shall not be negatively impacted because of any hardship caused by COVID-19. If a student experiences hardship from COVID-19 (hardships could include, but are not limited to, a lack of internet access, health care concerns, family health situations, etc.) the student will work with teachers, administrators, or social workers to make accommodations for a student. All students will be placed in the next grade for the 2020-21 school year. 


    Given the current situation, teachers will focus on learning opportunities and feedback with differentiated participation.  In short, a student-centered, flexible approach to providing descriptive feedback is essential during this time.


    Traditional end of the year report cards will not be completed by the teacher.  The report card from March 2020 will serve as the final report card placed in the CA-60.  In June teachers will provide each student and family a brief summative report that highlights specific learning goals for the student to focus on this summer and in the fall.  The summative report will be designed in the coming weeks.


    In Conclusion:  

    During this time, we recognize that staff will not be able to replicate the great learning experiences that take place each day in our elementary GPPSS classrooms.  Our efforts will be focused on encouraging safety through social distancing while providing manageable learning experiences to our students. Teachers will use their professional judgment to differentiate learning for students while focusing on their social and emotional needs.  Building principals will communicate with students, families, and teachers to support remote learning. 


    Please remember, now more than ever, the importance of keeping things fun and enjoyable while empowering children's intrinsic beliefs to be life-long learners.  Most importantly, don't forget the need for family time, playing board games, enjoying a bike ride, putting together a puzzle and having rich conversations with your children to enhance family relationships.  If anything, this time will hopefully bring families closer together. Please know that we appreciate all our parents and staff are doing to support ongoing learning during this time.


    GPPSS Secondary Teacher/Student Expectations During Remote Learning April 20 - June 12, 2020

    The following document was developed collaboratively between GPPSS administrators and teachers in response to the Governor's order regarding COVID-19.


    During this unprecedented time, the safety and health of our students, staff, and families continues to be our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. GPPSS is here for you, and we will work through this together, one day at a time. 


    In short, a student-centered, flexible approach to learning and grading is key during this time. The intent of this document is to provide clarity for teachers and students regarding remote learning academic expectations and participation while providing flexibility to ensure success.  The majority of activities students engage in will continue to be asynchronous (not requiring students to be logged in at a specific time).


    During April 20 - June 12, 2020 all secondary students will:

    • Utilize Schoology throughout the week for each of their classes.

    • Complete assignments, activities and assessments provided by teachers.

    • Reach out to teachers via Schoology or email if they have questions or concerns regarding assignments and/or content.

    • Utilize and advocate for additional time or supports to complete an academic task if needed.  


    During April 20 - June 12, 2020 secondary teachers will:

    • Collaborate with other teachers within course teams to determine and ensure that learning in these courses moving forward is only focused on the essential content/skills remaining in each course.

    • Provide an appropriate amount of content (focusing only on the essential content/skills) while realizing our students are experiencing remote learning in an uncertain world.

    • Give students the week's learning expectations (outline of activities) at the beginning of each week (starting the week of April 20th).

    • Offer all students an opportunity to receive support and answers to questions via real-time virtual office hours at least 1x/week.  For example, office hours could be a Google Hangout opportunity or even a Schoology discussion board that would allow for student feedback. 

    • Follow IEP & Section 504 plan accommodations & supports in a reasonable and appropriate manner in conjunction with special education staff.

    • Provide additional time or supports to complete academic tasks as needed.  If a COVID-19 hardship is identified, the teacher will work with the counselor and building administrator to develop potential timelines for completion.

    • Contact his or her administrator so that a plan can be developed in the event the teacher cannot partner with students remotely due to personal or family health obligations.

    GPPSS Secondary Grading Practices and Procedures Second Semester 2019-20 School Year Only

    During this period of remote learning necessitated by the outbreak of COVID-19, GPPSS will implement the following regarding the grading of assignments, reporting of semester grades, student promotion and/or graduation.


    Per the order from the Governor, a student's grade shall not be negatively impacted because of a hardship caused by COVID-19.  If a student experiences a hardship from COVID-19 (hardships could include, but are not limited to, a lack of internet access, health care concerns, family health situations, etc.), the student will work with teachers and counselors to make accomodations for a student. A teacher is able to award a student an overall grade of 'passing' in a course if a COVID-19 hardship is identified.  Once a COVID-19 hardship is identified, a building administrator may award a grade of 'passing' to a student for a second semester course after consulting with the teacher and/or counselor.


    Given the current situation, teachers will provide students opportunities to reassess and demonstrate mastery in alternate methods.  In short, a student-centered, flexible approach to grading is key during this time.


    Computing Semester Grades for Students Enrolled in High School Courses and Middle School Courses:

    • Final exams for this semester will be cancelled.

    • All high school courses will be weighted with 100% of the grade computed by the semester's work.  For this semester, quarters will not be used. 

    • Middle School course grades will be computed by the semester's work.

    • When computing the grade determined by coursework, the teacher has the flexibility and latitude to adjust expectations for students to account for the differences inherent in remote learning.  When adjusting expectations, teachers should only reduce expectations, not increase them for students.

    • Final letter grades using the standard grading scale and the A - E system will be provided to each student.  Upon receipt of the final grade, a student may elect to maintain the assigned letter grade or receive a 'pass' grade for any course that the student receives an A - D- in.  Students may elect to receive letter grades in some courses while electing a passing grade in others.


    District processes including the review and appeal of grades continue to be unchanged. 


    Grading is a complicated process that given the reality of this school year is even more so.  Consequently, building administrators, working collaboratively with the teacher, the student's counselor, and Director of Secondary Instruction, shall have the latitude to adjust and revise the above on a student-by-student basis as needed to be consistent with the Governor's order.

    Virtual Board meeting tonight due to Stay Home Order

    GPPSS Board of Education will again be meeting virtually this evening at 7 p.m. You can watch via livestream tonight or catch the meeting afterwards when it airs twice daily for the week on Channel 20. Here is a quick description of the process for public comments during these COVID restrictions:

    • If you would like to make a public comment, please fill out the following digital form below.  The form will be open to the public at 6:45 PM on Monday, April 13th.

    • In order to have your comment read at the meeting, you must include your name, phone number, home address, and the topic you wish to discuss.

    • On the form, you will first be asked if your comment pertains to an action item or non-action item related to the Board Meeting. 

    • Once you have selected either action item or non-action item, you will be directed to a section that will enable you to type your comments to the Board.

    • Please make sure to hit submit once you are finished.

    Click Here to Leave A Comment For The Board

    (This link will become active at 6:45 pm on 4/13)


    First day of school this fall

    While GPPSS is still waiting for guidance from the state and federal government about end of year celebrations, we do know that the first day of the 2020-21 school year for students is scheduled to be the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 8th.


    Elementary Music

    Our GPPSS Elementary Music Team has created a whole month of musical activities you can enjoy as a family.


    Census 2020 is going on now - have you been counted?

    Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce is once again leading the way in census education. Please take a moment to fill out your census questionnaire by phone, mail or online. If you have questions, contact the Chamber at 313-881-4722. 


    GPPSS latest donations to local heroes

    Last  week the district distributed the items below to Beaumont, St. Johns and Hospice of Michigan:


    • 20,000 (10,000) pair of examination gloves

    • 700 goggles

    • 100 Safety Glasses

    • 100 Surgical Masks

    • 20 N95 Masks

    • 10 Face Shields

    • 240 Containers of Clorox Wipes

    • 66 Containers of Health Care Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

    • 168 Containers of Purell Hand Sanitizer

    • 18 Containers of Hand Wipes


    Kindergarten registration deadline is May 1

    GPPSS has revised its enrollment process to delay residency verification, but the deadlines for the online pre-enrollment still stand. Kindergarten families must pre-register online by May 1 to ensure placement in their 2020 neighborhood school.


    Food Tuesdays 10-1 at Poupard

    As a reminder, food service was reduced to a weekly pick-up on Tuesdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Poupard Elementary School, 20655 Lennon. This was done to minimize exposure for all concerned yet still keep our students fed. Please bring a box, bag or wagon to take home a week's supply of breakfast and lunch. Enter the front doors facing Lennon to help us maintain safe social distancing. Thank you!



    Updated FAQ 4/20/2020

    Most Frequently Asked

    Where can I find Governor Whitmer's April order?

    Governor Whitmer issued an extensive executive order that provided direction to all of us regarding how school will occur for the remainder of the school year.  If you want to read her entire order you can at this link.  Here is the March Governor Whitmer executive order.


    How will we be recognizing transitions and milestones?

    No matter what the Governor announces about closing school buildings or social distancing mandates, please know we are thinking about how this impacts our students’ mental and physical health. I cannot guarantee traditional ceremonies or set dates for when these might happen, but please know this rests heavy on our hearts. We are thinking of those transitioning to kindergarten, new buildings, middle school, high school and graduation. And we are working on ways to make some of these most anticipated events special, even if timing and details remain up in the air. We welcome your input and involvement. While we do not have all the answers, we appreciate your partnership. Families are doing an amazing job balancing school and family stresses. We are here for you, and we cannot tell you how much your kind words of support have meant to our staff and teachers. Our mission has never been so realized: Promote Innovation → Maximize Potential → Embrace Community


    How are students with IEPs and 504 plans being provided Special Education?

    GPPSS special education staff will continue to provide instruction and support in every way possible during this time. Our students with IEP's are being provided access to the curriculum, focused on deficit areas identified by their IEP's, accommodations, and reasonable and appropriate communication and collaborative efforts by their teachers.  Take care and stay healthy.  Those with questions are encouraged to reach out to their teacher or our Special Education Administration -- Stefanie Hayes, Sue Lucchese, Lillie Loder, and Lisa Dougherty.


    Where can my family get food? Tuesdays 10-1 at Poupard

    As a reminder, food service was reduced to a weekly pick-up on Tuesdays from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Poupard Elementary School, 20655 Lennon. This was done to minimize exposure for all concerned yet still keep our students fed. Please bring a box, bag or wagon to take home a week’s supply of breakfast and lunch and enter the doors facing Lennon.


    Why are the playgrounds and tracks closed?

    All of the city and GPPSS playgrounds are closed. The coronavirus can live on the equipment for days. Our buildings and grounds staff are staying safe, staying home so they cannot sanitize between families. Please keep your family safe. Other options: take a walk, ride a bike, play catch in your yard, play music or just come outside on your porch each night at 6 p.m. to socialize safely with neighbors.


    How can I watch the virtual Board of Education meeting?

    The first virtual Board meeting went well and you can view it online or on Channel 20 running at 10am and 7 pm this week. All of the agenda actions items passed including the minutes from the meeting March 9, the human resources report, and the projects for this summer at Monteith, Parcells and South. Also approved were the IT Backup System, the Monteith first floor lockers, the resolution for designation of a school safety liaison, and Bylaw 0181.1 modification or suspension of bylaws during States of Emergency (allowing us to hold a totally virtual meeting).  Approved on first read were a bid for public announcement and clock systems, and a bid for bond computer devices. The devices allow us to move away from computer labs and replace desktop computers; they also meet state testing requirements when that resumes (more on that below). Under Info and Discussion, the board discussed a Turner Construction fees and cost recommendation, as well as a TEC Environmental Consultant recommendation. The monthly check register and financials were presented as usual. Public comments were submitted via a google form and read aloud. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 13 and is also scheduled to be virtual as it falls within the timeframe of the Governor’s order to Stay Safe, Stay Home.


    When is the Kindergarten (May 1) online pre-enrollment deadline?

    GPPSS has revised its enrollment process to delay residency verification, but the deadlines for the online pre-enrollment still stand. Kindergarten families must pre-register online by May 1 to ensure placement in their 2020 neighborhood school.


    What is the Testing Update - through U.S. Department of Ed to our Michigan legislature?

    State Board of Education President Dr. Casandra Ulbrich and State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice sent a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on March 17, to urge the secretary to grant a nationwide waiver of statewide student assessments in favor of focusing on the more immediate needs of children. The U.S. Department of Education responded last Friday by offering every state the opportunity to submit expedited waiver requests for a number of federal testing and accountability requirements. MDE submitted its formal waiver request late Friday afternoon.

    “We are pleased that the U.S. Department of Education heard our call to waive the federal requirement for statewide student testing,” Dr. Rice said. “We now need the Michigan legislature to amend state law that requires statewide testing and accountability.” Michigan’s legislature is scheduled to meet Wednesday, 3/25. 

    The College Board also announced that Advanced Placement tests, scheduled to be administered in May, will be offered to students online for the 2019–20 exam administration due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For more information on free online learning sources and home testing updates, the College Board provides updates here:


    How can we share what we’re doing at home?

    Our teachers and support staff miss your smiling face. Be sure to post photos with the hashtag #OneGP or tag us on Facebook @GPPSS and Twitter @GPSchools. Tell us what your student is enjoying. Share organizational strategies working for your family. But more than anything, help us to connect remotely.


    Advanced Placement Testing

    The College Board also announced that Advanced Placement tests, scheduled to be administered in May, will be offered to students online for the 2019–20 exam administration due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For more information on free online learning sources and home testing updates, the College Board provides updates here: 



    Enrollment and Residency

    How do I verify residency?

    If you have a student currently in fourth, fifth or eighth grade (entering middle or high school next fall), please wait to verify residency until normal business operations resume.


    How do I enroll a new student?

    If you are new to the district or have a child entering Young Fives or Kindergarten next fall, please complete the online pre-registration here. For Young Fives, do this by March 31. For Kindergarten, complete pre-enrollment by May 1. We will reach out to you to complete the residency verification process once GPPSS resumes regular business operations. If you have a question, call 313-432-3083 and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.





    What is the Statewide Coronavirus Hotline — (888) 535-6136

    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services launched a statewide hotline to respond to your health-related questions about COVID-19. The hotline is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Public health and other experts will answer your questions and direct you to the resources available in your local communities and in other state government departments.


    What are some Best Practices from the Center for Disease Control?

    CDC: Keeping the home safe?

    All households

    • Clean hands at the door and at regular intervals
    • Create habits and reminders to avoid touching their face and cover coughs and sneezes  
    • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, and handrails regularly
    • Increase ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning


    Households with vulnerable seniors or those with significant underlying conditions

    (Significant underlying conditions include heart, lung, kidney disease; diabetes; and conditions that suppress the immune system)

    • Have the healthy people in the household conduct themselves as if they were a significant risk to the person with underlying conditions. For example, wash hands frequently before interacting with the person, such as by feeding or caring for the person
    • If possible, provide a protected space for vulnerable household members  
    • Ensure all utensils and surfaces are cleaned regularly


    Households with sick family members

    • Give sick members their own room if possible, and keep the door closed  
    • Have only one family member care for them
    • Consider providing additional protections or more intensive care for household members over 65 years old or with underlying conditions


    What if I suspect COVID-19?

    Call your healthcare professional for direction regarding testing and quarantine protocol. The focus of GPPSS is on maintaining education in line with our vision - where everyone learns, every day.


    What mental health resources are available to help families deal with stress or anxiety as we navigate COVID-19?

    The GPPSS psychologists and school social workers put together some links that may be helpful to families during the time off from school. Here is an excellent article developed by mental health professionals on how to discuss COVID-19 with your child.


    Where can I find tips for:

    Mental Health - Kids for Peace (from self-care to schedules to fun family activities)

    Physical Health - COVID Curbside Screening Guidelines




    When will elementary report cards go home?

    Elementary report cards were mailed home the week of March 16.


    Will elementary conferences be held?

    Elementary conferences, like middle school, were cancelled. Please use the information provided by teachers at back to school night on the best way to reach them should you have questions or concerns about your student’s progress.


    What testing will take place?

    The SAT, ACT and MSTEP tests scheduled to be in our buildings have been cancelled per the Governor’s closing of school buildings. College Board is moving to shortened online testing for Advanced Placement. At this time, our focus is on maintaining student learning.


    What about third and fourth quarter grades for students?

    Please see the Student and Teacher Expectations distributed April 13. The goal of any grading system is to provide meaningful feedback and a way to monitor progress.



    What technology devices do students need?

    Any device that has the ability to connect to the Internet will be sufficient to access the educational materials being developed. A keyboard is always helpful.


    What if we do not have a device at home?

    GPPSS has a limited number of devices available for families in need. There is an acceptable use contract that covers damage, theft or loss, that the student and parent/guardian will sign. GPPSS must have the signed contract to release a device. Because of limited supply only one device per family is being distributed. The device will be returned fully charged when school reopens as those are needed for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and State testing. 


    What if we do not have Internet?

    Free & Low Cost Internet Options for GPPSS Families (Click Here)

    EveryoneOn is a national nonprofit that creates social and economic opportunities by connecting everyone to the internet. Since 2012, EveryoneOn has facilitated access to affordable technology solutions--in-home internet service, desktops and laptops--and free digital literacy training through their offer locator tool, cross-sector partnerships, and local programming efforts. Please note, while normally our recommended first stop in learning about available options and offerings, they are currently unable to maintain their search for offers listings based on changing Internet Service Providers' (ISPs) offers during this time period. They suggest visiting, which houses links to offers by various ISPs.

    Some known local area ISPs and their most recent offers as well as information about Lifeline are listed below.

    AT&T (Click Here) or call: 855-220-5211

    • Offering two months of free service to new Access customers who order by April 30, 2020. $5/mo or $10/mo (plus taxes) thereafter, depending on your speed.

    • Expanding eligibility based on income and to households participating in National School Lunch Program/Head Start

    • Waiving all home internet data overage fees

    • No term commitment

    • No deposit

    • No installation fee

    • In-home Wi-Fi modem included

    Comcast (Click Here) or call: 855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376)

    Comcast has recently increased the speeds of its Internet Essentials home internet service from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps.  Additionally, eligible households who enroll now will be provided with free service for their first 60 days.  More information can be viewed at  As a reminder, Internet Essentials provides a $9.95 per month home internet service exclusively to low-income households.

    Comcast is also making its Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots free for anyone to use. Millions of the hotspots are scattered throughout the country; you can find hotspot locations at

    Lifeline (Click Here)             ....................................            

    Lifeline is a federal benefit that lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet service. Lifeline typically provides up to a $9.25 monthly discount on service for eligible low-income subscribers. Subscribers may receive a Lifeline discount on either a wireline or a wireless service, but they may not receive a discount on both services at the same time. Lifeline also supports broadband Internet access service and broadband-voice bundles. To apply for Lifeline, a consumer must use the National Verifier application system at: Once the National Verifier has confirmed your eligibility to receive Lifeline service, you may then select a service provider.

    Sprint (Click Here) or call: 877-878-9359

    And T-Mobile 

    Sprint and T-Mobile are supporting current customers by:

    • Providing Unlimited data for 60 days to customers with metered data plans (effective 3/18)

    • Giving 20 GB of free mobile hotspot to customers with hotspot-capable devices (effective 3/18)

    • Waiving per-minute toll charges for international long-distance calls from the U.S. to CDC- defined Level 3 countries (effective 3/17)

    GPPSS Disclaimer of Endorsement:

    This page contains information and content supplied by third parties. Any reference to a specific product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement, recommendation or favoring by Grosse Pointe Public School System (GPPSS), its departments or employees.

    GPPSS Disclaimer of Liability:

    All information is provided "as is." Neither GPPSS nor the GPPSS Technology Department, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information from this documentation. Neither GPPSS nor the GPPSS Technology Department, nor any of their employees, are able to provide any technical support for any services, products or equipment not purchased by the district.

    If you find any errors or omissions, we encourage you to report them by e-mail to:


    How can parents obtain technology assistance?

    If parents are having trouble logging into Schoology or MiStar, here is the URL to the ParentPortal login page. Click on the "Need Your Login Information?" that you see just below the "Log in" button in the upper left. Or please have them contact Parent Connect at 313-432-3131 (please leave a voicemail) or email


    What is the best way to care for tech devices during COVID?

    • Step 1: Power off the Device. You will be applying liquid solutions to your Chromebook, so powering it off is a must.

    • Step 2: Remove any accessories or plug-ins such as cases, USBs, and headphones. These should be wiped down as well (especially headphones).

    • Step 3: Clean the screen with an LCD-safe solution applied to a microfiber cloth. Strong alcohols can eat away the coating on LCD screens. *Note a damp microfiber cloth does well with cleaning screens.

    • Step 4: Clean the Keyboard and other non-screen parts. Clorox wipes (mild bleach wipes) can be used on the keyboard and all the other non-screen parts. The wipe should be “squeezed” so that it does NOT over-saturate the keyboard (make sure to let the keyboards dry before you close the lids).

    • *Never spray anything on a computer. Remember to “wring out” any saturated wipes prior to using on a Chromebook.

    • **Although microfiber is not technically a disinfectant, it is effective in removing germs and bacteria. However, it does need to be washed regularly.

    Having a tech issue? Email or call 313-432-3131 (please leave a voicemail) and our help desk team will respond as soon as possible.


    What if I haven’t heard from my child’s teacher?

    Please know we are working as fast as we can to provide various methods of instruction that are appropriate for all our students. That said, have your secondary student check Schoology and their district email address. Communication is coming from teacher to student at the secondary level. One easy step: please ensure that all students have their notifications turned on for Schoology as everything will be housed there. For younger students, email the teacher directly. Every GPPSS employee uses the same email formula: first 6 letters of last name + first initial (example:


    How do I find my Child’s Log-In?

    To get your student's log-in, go to MiStar Parent Portal. Once you click on your child's profile, you can find their log-in info. Their student ID and login will be right at the top under Student LogIn Information. If you cannot remember your parent log-in, here is the URL to the ParentPortal login page. After using this link below, click on the "Need Your Login Information?" that you see just below the "Log in" button in the upper left.


    Can I still buy a device with the discount?

    Yes! Here is the link to the site offering discounts on devices we know work well with our BYOD initiative.



    Where can I find activites related to Elementary Music?

    Our GPPSS Elementary Music Team has created a whole month of musical activities you can enjoy as a family.


    How do I access online library resources?

    This video focuses on accessing our online library resources from home. You can access library resources 24/7:

    • Elementary: 
    • Middle & High School:

    Library card numbers (required for access to GPPL tools like Hoopla and BookFlix) will be available to elementary families and secondary students by emailings building library media specialists or


    What can we do to promote physical health at home?

    Our physical education teachers developed this Online PE packet to “Sharpen the Saw” with activities families can do at home. Sharpen the Saw is one of the Seven Habits from the Leader in Me character education program adopted by all of our elementary schools with the generous support of the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education. Thank you! There is a daily calendar and a weekly activity log. Please adjust as we learn more about social distancing.


    Is there an update on athletics?

    There should be no organized coach-led or student-led practices until further notice. All MHSAA winter tournaments and spring contests are cancelled, as well as all trips throughout the end of the school year. We continue to follow the guidance of MHSAA. We encourage students to continue conditioning individually; students should NOT be meeting in groups to practice/condition.


    What about preschool and Kids Club?

    All GPPSS buildings are closed as are all programs housed within our buildings. There will be no Preschool or Kids Club until April 6.


    Spring break and summer?

    There is still no word. We promise we will let you know as soon as we do about summer. In the meantime, we all remain focused on keeping students learning.


    What about field trips?

    Field trips and overnight trips have been cancelled through the end of the school year. This is being done in order to receive any allowable refunds. Many deadlines for cancellation are fast approaching. Individual teachers/administrators will contact you about refunds.




    What if my student left their hat, coat, ...?

    GPPSS is working hard to minimize exposure and get our buildings disinfected. As such, school buildings will be closed to all students and teachers as of 3 p.m. Tuesday, March 17. We wil notify parents and staff when we can safely access the buildings our staff sanitized after closure.


    Are parent volunteers allowed back when school resumes?

    Hopefully. We will continue to follow the latest State recommendations for safety.


    Will the construction and abatement plans change?

    GPPSS must continue to follow all guidelines regarding bids and board approval. The district is working with our bond and construction companies and will proceed accordingly. This will allow easier access for field measuring and other activities. If construction/abatement plans change a notification will be provided to staff and families as that would change building access.


    How are we cleaning our buildings?

    Our staff conducted a deep clean similar to the summer cleaning routine. We disinfected every surface, and used the Clorox machines to clean each room and building. Additionally preschool and food service staff assisted in the disinfection process per guidelines for their areas.


    What about use of our buildings by outside groups?

    All building use functions of GPPSS facilities by outside groups will be cancelled through April 6.


    What are some Fast Facts about GPPSS during quarantine?

    • 100% of our teachers are participating and offer online and remote learning opportunities
    • Student participation is impressive with some secondary buildings only having less than 10 students not actively participating. Teachers, counselors and administrators will continue to reach out to reduce barriers and track involvement by class and school, focusing on balance and the mental and physical health of students first. Our goal is 100% involvement for students and staff
    • 3,335 meals were served from March 13-27 through our partnership with Chartwells and we thank them for their extraordinary effort that continues every Tuesday 10-1 at Poupard Elementary, 20655 Lennon (including being open next week during spring break)
    • Over 1,000 technology devices were checked out by families for online instruction
    • Our district made its second collection of gloves, gowns, goggles, masks and sanitizer for local hospitals and hospice
    • Essential work of the district - including board meetings and enrollment - continues using virtual platforms


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    MDHHS logo

  • August 7

    Posted by Rebecca Fannon on 8/7/2020

    Letter From Superintendent

    Dear GPPSS Families, Staff and Students,

    First and foremost, we appreciate your feedback and want to work with you to implement a safe and healthy start on September 8th.  The Return to School Plan will continue to evolve.  We know that the federal, state and local authorities are going to continue to provide guidelines through executives orders and legislation as they did this past March, when all schools and families were faced with the difficult shift to a virtual environment due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19.  As educators and parents, all of us hoped that making this difficult shift abruptly last spring, would result in students and staff being able to return to school buildings safely and soon.

    At this time, we believe it is better, safer and in everyone’s best interest to start Tuesday, September 8, 2020, in full remote learning with a gradual plan to bring everyone back.  

    As you know, this month Governor Whitmer’s Return to Learn Task Force issued a document encouraging all schools to focus on in-person instruction to the safest extent possible.  GPPSS convened a taskforce of staff that created a robust plan with a face-to-face learning option, a hybrid learning option, and a 100% remote learning option.  These plans have been shared with our staff and community.  As leaders, we have been listening to feedback, adjusting those plans, and making decisions in the best interest of safety and learning for our students and staff.

    This past week GPPSS committed to families to offer two options for our students this fall:

    • OneGP Virtual is an option open to families that feel that a fully virtual option would be best for their child for at least a semester.

    • GPPSS Traditional is an option that would pivot students between face-to-face, hybrid and 100% remote options as warranted by the current best thinking around student and staff safety.


    As our administrative team has listened to our staff and students, observed the work of other districts and countries, and most importantly viewed the safety situation for our community, we have decided to recommend to the Board of Education that our GPPSS Traditional students begin the Fall 2020 school year in a 100% remote environment using the OneGP Virtual model. Please note the following:

    1. OneGP Virtual will still proceed. Families will still notify the district of their preference.

    2. While GPPSS Traditional will begin the year in a 100% remote environment, it is our intent that as the safety situation permits, students in this program will transition into a hybrid or fully face-to-face environment as soon as it is safe to do so. Here are the major differences between last spring’s experience and this fall’s for those electing GPPSS Traditional:

      1. All students will have both synchronous (real time) and asynchronous instruction

      2. GPPSS staff will design an opportunity for our students with the most need, including our at-risk students, students in our categorical special education programs, our youngest students, and others requiring the most support to return to some moderated version of in-person small group instruction opportunities soon after the start of the school year.

      3. Additional time will allow more safety protocols to be reviewed and implemented (temperature checks,  PPE selection, training)

      4. Unlike this spring, our staff will have access to our buildings and learning materials

      5. Childcare will be available for GPPSS staff and essential workers

      6. Additional training on remote learning will be provided for staff, families and students


    I know that the above information significantly impacts our children and families.  While the decisions above prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff, we acknowledge educational opportunities for our students are more limited in a 100% remote environment.  Additionally, our families that need or want their children to be physically in school due to student needs, or family or working situations, are impacted by this decision. This is not easy. 

    By making this decision now, our dedicated staff can work to ensure that the 100% remote learning opportunity we provide our students in GPPSS Traditional and One GP Virtual will move from surviving the emergency experience they had in the spring, to thriving this fall.  The experience our students have remotely this fall will be consistent, robust and interactive.  With over a month of planning time left before September 8, I am confident that our teachers and staff will be ready to provide both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for our students starting from the first day of school.

    We all want to get to full time in-person teaching and learning.  We will follow the guidelines and safety protocols to get there.  It is going to take a major flattening of the curve or a vaccine for full time in-person learning to happen. This is not easy, but we believe it is what’s best for kids. We need your support and help to make this happen.



    Gary C. Niehaus


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