Mental Health and Other Resources 

    for Parents & Students 

    *New Resources Added Regularly* 

    This site has many resources to assist parents and students with questions about mental health, substance abuse, unique learning needs, crisis resources, parenting support, special education programs and services, and much more.  We hope you find this helpful. If you need additional information or a referral to a private, local mental health professional, please contact the school social worker, school psychologist, or school counselor in your student's building. 

    We are here to support you.  


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Resources related to needs and concerns generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Click here to learn about COVID-19, how to talk to children about the pandemic, links for distance learning, how to make it through difficult times including fun activities for your children, and so much more

Resources about How to Talk to Children/Students about Race

Information for parents

Anxiety Resources

Click here for information related to Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders and How to Manage Anxiety

Parenting Resources

Click here for information on parenting from behavior management to raising resilient children

Resources about Substance Abuse and Addiction

Resources and Information about Autism

Resources related to Depression and Suicide Ideation

Strong Families Vibrant Community

Click here to explore local educational and community resources that empower families to successfully navigate life's social, emotional and physical changes

Resources to help parents support students' academic success

Resources about and for LGBTQ+ Youth

Resources about ADHD

Resources for Mental/Physical Health & Financial Support

Resources Related to Grief, Loss, Trauma, and Violence

Resources about Special Education and 504 Plans

Resources about Other Mental Health Disorders

Resources & Fun Activities for Students

Resources for Teens

Resources to Promote Mental Wellness

Adult Resources for Grief & Loss, Anxiety, Depression as well as other resources

Resources about Down Syndrome

Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying Information