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    Google Translate! For years, Google Translate has been the subject of so much ridicule by the public, due to its low translation quality. This was especially so when it's used with non-Latin based languages, such as Arabic. Although this was true in the past, the app has recently been producing rather acceptable quality, and not only for isolated words, but also for sentences and short paragraphs. I have been testing this tool since its inception and I can assure you that, although it is not perfect, it is a very good tool for the price (free!)

    Microsoft Translator. A few people know that Microsoft Office comes with its own translation tool and its output is of good quality as well. I highly recommend it for a quick translation of assignment instructions or a not too technical messages. Here's a short video on how to use Microsoft Translator with MS Word.
    See how easy and quickly you can translate your assignment instructions into any language you want in order to accommodate your English learners with Entry l...
    In addition to translation tools, some colleagues asked about text-to-speech apps that newcomers can use on their own, especially those using Chromebooks. Here is a couple of these tested tools:
    Speak Any Text. This is a Chrome extension app that can read text in many languages, such as Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Romanian, Vietnamese... and it's easy to install and use.
    Read Aloud. This text-to-speech Chrome extension app also supports multiple languages and it has features for text-highlight, speech speed control and others. I highly recommend this for reading English curricular materials. It's very quick to install and is very user-friendly.
    Read out loud the current web-page article with one click. Supports 40+ languages.
    • Books & materials are available for loan at the ESL Office at North High School.  Contact Nancy Rieth at Riethn@gpschools.org for more information.
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              Download the smartphone App Translate on your mobile device.

               The icon looks like this: 
                   translate app  


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