• Middle School & High School Programs

    • ESL class counts as Language Arts class
    • ESL class is a full hour every day and part of their daily schedule
    • Class focuses on:
                Basic grammar skills
                Reading comprehension
                Writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays
                Communication in social and academic settings
                Orientation to American culture
                Note-taking in academic settings
                Assisting with other class coursework

    Middle Schools (Grades 5-8)




    Highs Schools (Grades 9-12) 

    Grosse Pointe North

    Grosse Pointe South


    Grosse Pointe South Activities Open to All Students


    Grosse Pointe North Activities Available to All Students













    Mrs. Bonbrisco



    Archery Club

    Mr. DiCresce


    NAHS (National Art Honors Society)


    Mr. Lamb




    Be the Change (Challenge Day)



    Mrs. Steiner & Mrs. Weisbrodt




    Class of 2019 (seniors)



    Mrs. Michaels & Mrs. Staperfenne






    Class of 2020 (juniors)



    Ms. Dunn & Ms. Sandoval






    Class of 2021 (sophomores)



    Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Hunter






    Class of 2022 (freshmen)



    Mr. Wolfson







    Mr. Henri






    CLOSE UP (government)



    Mr. Mulso





    COPS (Chemistry Outreach Program)


    Mr. Kosmas



    DECA (Business)


    Mr. Levinson





    Diversity Club


    Mr. Gilleran & Ms. Nixon






    Drama Club


    Mr. Kifer





    Gearheads (Robotics)


    Mr. Wolfsen





    Geocaching Club


    Mrs. Pata



    German Club



    Mrs Sipos



    Family, Career, Community (FCCLA)


    Mrs. Koch





    French Club

    Mrs. Foster




    Harbinger (Literary Magazine)


    Mrs. Alles & Ms. Maki






    HCIC (Health Careers Investigations Club)




    Mrs. Speirs & Mr. White





    Interact Club (Community Service)


    Mrs. Davenport & Mrs. Nixon







    Instrumental Music



    Mr. Torrento & Mr. Zogas







    Link Crew (Freshmen Mentoring)




    Mr. Drouin







    Movie Club



    Mr. Stackpoole



    National Honor Society


    Mrs. Pierce & Mrs. Staperfenne




    Norsemen Council/Sessions



    Mrs. Davis




    Norsemen KNOTS (peer to peer)



    Mrs. Doss & Mrs. Kuhl




    North Pointe (Newspaper)



    Mrs. Dunn






    Peace Club


    Mr. White


    Photo Club

    Ms. Warren



    RATz (Radio Astronomy Team)




    SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)


    Mrs. Steiner & Mrs. Weisbordt




    SAVE (Environment)




    Mr. Skowronski






    SERVE (Community Service)





    Social Justice League



    Mr. Gilleran & Mrs. Sherman



    Spanish Club



    Mrs. Shepard




    Spark Innovation (Technology)




    Mr. McCarroll







    Student Association (Student Government)



    Mr. Byrne





    Quiz Bowl


    Mr. Henri




    Valhalla (Yearbook)



    Ms. Clinet




    Video Club



    Mr. Stackpoole




    Willow (Women’s Leadership)



    Mrs. Bonbrisco






    YAF (Young Americans for Freedom)