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    Summer is a time that we think of backyard BBQ's, pool time, popsicles, neighborhood bike rides, and more.  It's a time of relaxation and recharging for the next school-year ahead.  However, don't let the "summer slide" happen to your child!  Your child has worked hard all year long to make gains as a reader.  To ensure your child maintains their reading progress, they should read 15-30 minutes daily (depending on their age/stamina).  Just as you brush your teeth and get dressed for the day, make reading a part of your child's daily routine.  They can read when they wake up in the morning and you could read to them before bed.  That way when they're exhausted from the day, they've already "put first things first."  Here are some resources below to help you navigate summer reading...


    It's not WHAT kids read, it's THAT they read!



    Avoid summer slide  

    • Over 2 months of reading skills are lost over summer.
    • Teachers spend 6 weeks reteaching old material.
    • Spend just 2-3 hours per week during the summer to avoid the summer slide!




    read every day





    Dav Pilkey: Be a Reading Superhero!

    Reading for pleasure has a powerful influence on children’s learning. (Institute of Education)








    Summer Reading Calendar 2022

    Print a copy of the calendar and make your summer reading plans.  






    Oceans of Possibilities- Links to library resources

    Sign-up for the  Summer Reading Challenge




    Remote Reading Resources

    The slides in this presentation contain various links to reading/leveled materials, activites, and instructional videos.



    GPPSS Summer Learning Opportunities:

    • Summer learning programs are available in June, July, and August


    Summer Reading Packet


    Scholastic Summer Reading


    16 Free Online Reading Courses to Help Your Kids Keep Learning


    Summer Reading: National Education Association


    7 Ways parents can help kids overcome the 'summer slide'


    Grosse Pointe Public Library


    Reading Rockets Book List


    The Library Network


    Summer Reading Book List for Ages 5-18


    Ideas to keep reading fun and fresh during the summer months:

    • Keep fun books in the back pocket of your car, peeking out slightly to entice your child (change out the books)
    • If you're going on a trip, go to the library and find a book about an animal or something they might see on vacation there
    • Make a reading fort or read in a camping tent with flashlights
    • Encourage your child to create a book-club with a friend/friends (book talk and play date= win/win)
    • Go to the library or Barnes and Noble on a rainy day
    • Fill out mad-libs when in the car or on a plane
    • Use side-walk chalk to write words and take water balloons and splat them while reading the words
    • Let your child be an author of their own book about the adventures they take this summer!  You/they could type it up and insert pictures.  (My kindergarten daughter especially loves doing this!  She loves reading and rereading books she's made.)
    • Try a Reading Bingo to mix things up