• Board Policy provides for transportation services for all eligible students attending the school serviced by their attendance boundary. A student who lives beyond 1½ miles from the resident elementary school is considered eligible for transportation services. Board Policy does not allow bus transportation for In-District Transfers; you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from school.

    We understand that not all students who are eligible for Transportation Services will choose to take advantage of those services. Therefore, in order to create the most efficient bus routes, it is critical for us to know which eligible students will be riding the bus. Please complete the form below. You will not be scheduled to receive transportation services if you do not submit this form. Please fill out one form per child.

    For those students who are involved in before or after-school care, and will not ride during certain times of the day or year, please complete this GPPSS Transportation form as well. If your transportation requirements change during the year, please notify us by submitting a new form each school year the exception is requested.

    You do not need to complete this form if you are already receiving transportation through our special education program.