• Resources Related to Grief, Loss and Trauma, and Violence

  • NASP

    Click here for information on how to help manage strong emotions related to traumatic events



    Click here to link to the Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network for local mental health needs, this organization can connect you to help 


     Sesame St

    Click here for a link to Sesame Street Network Videos, these help little children understand scary or difficult topics 



    Click here for a link to Sand Castles, a local grief/loss group for students and families


     the Family Center

    Click here for the link to the Family Center of Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods, this local organization has many resources for families including videos of past presentations and a list of local practitioners



    Click here for a link for information for caregivers when grief and loss hits close to home


    Harvard Health

     Click here for an article on the Normal Grieving Process, what to expect when grief and loss occurs


     Books for Grief and Loss


    Click here for a list of books for children dealing with Grief and Loss

    Click here for information about gun violence and youth

    Click here for information about Trauma and it's Impacts

    Click here for information about The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and toxic stress on childhood health and development


    Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

    Not If but When

    Click here for more books for Youth about Grief and Loss