• Kids Club registration for all families will begin on Wednesday, June 1, 2021 at 8:00 AM. If you plan on utilizing Kids Club at any time in September 2022, you must register by August 1, 2022. 


    Click the link below to begin registration(WILL BE OPEN 6/01 AT 8:00 AM): 

    Kids Club/Mid Club 22/23 Registration


    In order to be fully registered you must do each of the following items:


    -Fill out the Google form (linked above)

    -Fill out all five registration forms and submit them to raptoua@gpschools.org

    -Once your registration has been processed, they will receive a code to create a brightwheel account. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CODE TO MAKE PAYMENT UNTIL YOUR FORMS HAVE BEEN PROCESSED. 


    If the first two items are not completed, you will be unable to attend until you have completed both. 

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Kid's Club/Mid Club Current Information

  • General Kids Club/Mid Club Information

    Monday AM: 7:00-9:05am
    Tuesday-Friday AM: 7:00-8:20am
    Monday-Friday PM: 3:38-6:30pm

     Yearly Kids Club Fee:


    Registration Fee:  A non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child is due every year. This is due with your first invoice. 


    Please email Crystal Fletcher at Fletchc@gpshools.org to register for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year.
    All forms have to be emailed to: raptoua@gpschools.org. If you are unable to email or scan your completed forms, please contact raptoua@gpschools.org  All payments are made online via the Brightwheel software. At this time, we are not accepting payment in the form of cash or checks.
    In order to make a Kids Club/Mid Club payment, you must receive an invoice from our billing department first. Once the Kids Club/Mid Club office receives all of the registration paperwork, it is entered into our system and an invoice is sent out via email. If you have not received an invoice or been contacted via email within 3 business days of sending in your paperwork, please call our billing office at 313-432-3067. 
  • Middle School Students
    For the 21/22 school year, students registered for Brownell/Parcells/Pierce Mid Club will attend their closest Kids Club program.
    Brownell students will walk to/from Brownell/Kerby for AM/PM Kids Club. Brownell students will be dropped off at Kerby for the morning session and will walk to Brownell for the start of school. After school, Brownell students will walk from Brownell to Kerby. They will be picked up from Kerby in the afternoon. Brownell/Kerby Walking Form
    Parcells students will walk to/from Parcells/Mason for AM/PM Kids Club. Parcells students will be dropped off at Mason for the morning session and will walk to Parcells for the start of school. After school, Parcells students will walk from Parcells to Mason. They will be picked up from Mason in the afternoon. Parcells/Mason Walking Form
    Pierce students will walk to/from Pierce/Defer for AM/PM Kids Club. Pierce students will be dropped off at Defer for the morning session and will walk to Parcells for the start of school. After school, Pierce students will walk from Pierce to Defer. They will be picked up from Defer in the afternoon. Click link for Walking Form: Pierce/Defer Walking Form
  • Kids Club Office Contacts


    Crystal Fletcher
    Director of School-Age Child Care
    Sara Schram
    Assistant Director of School-Age Child Care
    Anna Raptoulis
    Child Care Billing Coordinator