Schoology (pronounced skool-uh-jee)

  • Adopted by Grosse Pointe Public Schools 6th-12th grade classrooms in August 2018 to enhance teaching and learning, Schoology is an online learning management system (LMS) that supports curriculum management, mobile learning and district-wide communication. Schoology is an integral part of how teachers design and implement their lesson plans, assignments and grades. They use it to post updates to their class, share content and communicate with parents.


    For parents/guardians, Schoology provides a one-stop place to keep track of a child’s calendar, projects, assignments, and day-to-day activities. Parents are able to see what their children are working on as well as view their children’s grades and learning activities within the platform through a Schoology parent account. GPPSS greatly values parent participation in their children’s education and we encourage all parents to utilize the features of Schoology to support the educational growth and development of their children.


    Parent account and login information is the Parent’s email address and MiStar Password. If you have trouble logging in or have any questions, please review the support materials below.


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