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    I was notified several days prior to the meeting by Brian and Cindy due to 8th grade promotions.  Mrs Valente called me several hours before the meeting  to let me know she was unable to attend.

    I personally did not hear from Mr Ismail, that he could not attend

    We had at least 8 Destination Imagination teams that were present to be recognized.  I cannot cancel a board meeting that quickly.

    It is rude to the community and would of been very rude to the students.


    I allowed speakers who were present to comment on action agenda items to comment. 


    Moving forward I think best practice is for board members to notify the president of the board when they are not present.  I did not know beforehand that we would not have a quorum. Plus I don't think canceling meetings the day of is a good practice.


    Thank You

    Judy Gafa

    On Thursday, June 16, 2016, Cindy Pangborn <cindypangborn@gmail.com> wrote:

    I am puzzled by the failure to have a quorum for the Board meeting on June 13.
    I gave notice that I would be late, several days before the meeting. Were you notified by anyone else?  When you became aware that this was happening why wasn't the meeting canceled?  I am very aware that  the students from Destination Imagination would be recognized. When it was obvious that there was not a quorum the meeting should have been cancelled. As students and their families were already in attendance, there should have been an announcement that it was an evening to present the accomplishments of the Destination team by the school system and then the gathering should have been over. The continuation of  the meeting may put us in violation of the open meetings act. I have not had a chance to watch the meeting yet so I maybe will stand corrected depending on the actual words used to begin and end this gathering.
    Has a date been set to discuss the budget?  Please send me the line items of the expenses we have had this year for central office administration including our marketing department. I am also requesting a line by line accounting of our legal expenses, that show an accounting of our PTO expenses...I believe the last two months the PTO legal expenses were over $20,000.00...I would like an accounting of what this covered.
    Thank you, Cindy
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