• From: Ismail, Ahmed (GPPSS)
    Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2016 4:15:46 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    To: Stair, Debra; Kefgen, Kacie
    Cc: School Board
    Subject: Keeping Fellow Board Members in the Loop by CC'ing Them on Emails Sent to Constituents

    Hello, Debbie and Kacie,
    I hope this email finds you well.
    I received an email from our Board President today (see below) stating that you have advised her that it is improper for me to "cc" my fellow Board members when sending an email to a community member.  I was quite surprised that you both advised her that my keeping my fellow board members in the loop of my communication was improper.
    When I send our superintendent an inquiry for information, he sends it to me and then copies all of the other members of the board with the information.
    When I send a reply to a constituent or to a board member, I feel it is common courtesy that I copy the other board members and our superintendent.  I feel I have a responsibility to keep them in the loop.  Frankly, I expect the same common courtesy from other board members.  To me, making sure they are not blindsided is a matter of professionalism.
    To my knowledge, there is no OMA violation in doing so, as I am doing no deliberation; all I am doing is providing them information.  It is my understanding of the OMA that another board member may create a "round robin" problem if they emailed me in deliberating a point and copied everyone at the same time.  That is something they have to watch if they decide to "chime in" with their thoughts on an issue I am addressing in my email. I am not doing so in my copying them with my reply to a constituent as I am not soliciting their opinion or lobbying them en masse on an issue.  I am simply providing them information as a courtesy.
    Please advise what law you feel I am violating at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you and best wishes to all at MASB,
    Ahmed Ismail, Trustee
    Grosse Pointe Public School System
    Phone: 313-343-9060 (The Portrait Place - 10am-5pm)
    Notice to Recipient:  The views expressed in this transmittal and its attachments (if any) are those of its author individually and are not necessarily shared by the other members of the Grosse Pointe Public School System's Board of Trustees and/or its administration.  If you would like the official school board position on an issue or would like to communicate to all of the members of the school board at once, please send your email to schoolboard@gpschools.org.  Thank you. 

    From: Judy Gafa
    Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2016 1:31:21 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    To: School Board
    Cc: Fenton, Christian; Dean, Jon; Fannon, Rebecca; Lois Valente; summerb@gpschools.com; Niehaus, Gary;roesked@gpschools.comweertzm@gpschools.compangboc@gpschools.com
    Subject: Re: FW: Walsh Email re: School System Not Following Provisions of Staff Contracts

    Ahmed I am answering you.  I spoke with you previously and asked politely that you do notCC the whole board when responding to emails. I encouraged you to answer without creating a quorum of Board members.
    I reached out to Debbie Starr and Kaycee Kefgen at MASB. Both instructed me that board members should not be CCing the entire board when replying to community members.
    I am not sure with all of your MASB training why you persist in doing this.

    I will also say this o one accused you of not following policy.  I did however suggest you preview your three resolutions to allow the community time for input. This is the norm for action agenda items

    Third   I stand behind  administration and this board on how the budget has been developed, including options after the audit was reviewed with the board.

    Thank you
    Judy Gafa