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    Why are we waiting for the future when we know there is an opportunity now. Let's at least ask all the other schools  if anyone is interested.  Our community expects neighborhood schools.  We still have kids walking to school everyday and going home for lunch.  We are a neighborhood community and each school should have the opportunity to have available the same opportunities. What does Star of the Sea's enrollment have to do with any of this?  We are responsible to our residents not a particular church.
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    I sent the email with Keith's signature.  I wanted to clarify that we will add only in 2017 - 2018.  So getting three Young Fives started for 2016- 2017 is our goal.  We believe there is room for more in the future.




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    We currently have availability for 9 more students in our Young 5s program at Poupard.  We wanted three new Young Five classrooms for next fall.  I understand that if we open a fourth section at Monteith Elementary School we would take most of the Star of the Sea Young Fives.  Monteith Elementary School is a future site.  We have to keep the Poupard Elementary School Young Five program open.  I appreciate your thoughts and understand the need at Monteith.  It will be a future site.




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