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    Thanks for the answer, I personally think that a press release would have been sufficient.
    Yesterday I forgot to include my concern that the appeal process would not leave the building administrators where the punishment was given.  We have had our share of coaches that have gambled or consumed alcohol with our teams. We have had kids falsely accused of wrong doing. We have had administrators and coaches hide things so that problems didn't fall on their watch.  Does anyone remember the news headlines of our Coach Robert Bopp in 2009? While this is a rare occurrence, an appeal needs to be able to be taken by a student, outside of their school administrators, in order to be fair.  You cannot have an appeal when you are making an appeal to the very people previously involved.
    Thank you, Cindy
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    Thanks for contacting us.  As Jon presented at the BOE meeting last month providing detailed information regarding these changes to our community and student body is important.  In fact, the BOE Policy committee specifically asked administration to hold a press conference on this issue.  Knowing that our student newspapers are one of our best ways to communicate with students we are holding the press conference tomorrow<x-apple-data-detectors://0> for them, as well as the GP News and Times.  As always, no publication is forced to publish or attend.  If they do not feel it is newsworthy they won't print it.


    We always want to trend towards providing too much information rather than too little.