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    Date: May 11, 2016 at 3:16:23 PM EDT
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    Subject: Re: Enrollment Policy

    Much like everyone else I am taking in the information and examining it.  I will ask more questions as they arise.


    We as a board can always table an issue if the majority wants more information or has concerns 


    You will be able to comment again on May 23rd before we vote on the policy.  Those public comments are at the start of the meeting. We are trying to share as much information as possible.


    I know the policy committee is addressing board members concerns and questions as they arise.

    Many times when policy is being discussed revisions are made so the policy returns to the policy committee for more follow up and adjustments.



    Judy Gafa


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    From: Kelly Boll
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    To: Judy Gafa
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    Subject: Re: Enrollment Policy

    Thank you, Judy, for offering to email me the link. I and others will appreciate having the answers to the many questions pertaining to the proposed revisions to the enrollment policy.

    However, it seems to me the time frame for the Board to entertain and process community feedback once the answers are posted will be very short, especially if you are not able to post the FAQ and answers by Friday and can only get them out sometime next week. Indeed, the answers may only prompt more questions from the taxpayers. For a policy change of such momentous impact, it would seem that a more cautious course of consideration would be the better path.

    Why the rush to make this decision? Has the Board hammered out all the potential legal issues?

    I'd appreciate your insights into these questions,
    Kelly Boll

    On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Kelly Boll <kbb48230@gmail.com<mailto:kbb48230@gmail.com>> wrote:
    Ms Gafa

    Would you please notify me when you post this FAQ material on the district website? Also, I am unable to find where FAQ material is kept. Could you please send me a link to it?

    I would not want to miss the information and do not always know where to look to find it when information is posted.

    Much appreciated,  Kelly Boll

    On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 11:01 PM, Judy Gafa <gafaj@gpschools.com<mailto:gafaj@gpschools.com>> wrote:
    Ms Boll
    I have sat on the board for 8 years and the board has never answered questions at the end of the board meeting
    Each board member is listening to the community, evaluating the pros and cons and will reach a decision.
    We thank younger your comments this evening and your follow up email.
    While I was writing down everyone's questions I was planning on asking administration to pull together an FAQ  to include all the questions and publicly post them on the district website so the entire community can access the answers
    Judy Gafa