• From: Ismail, Ahmed (GPPSS)
    Sent: Monday, May 09, 2016 10:42:30 AM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    To: Nazarko, Fred
    Cc: School Board
    Subject: Enrollment of Non Resident Staff Member Children (Tonight's Policy Review)

    Hello, Mr. Nazarko,

    This email is in follow up to our email exchange last week on the above subject.

    Since your conversation, the Policy Committee (Trustees Roeske, Valente and Summerfield) has re-visited and updated their recommendation.  A copy of this newly revised policy recommendation is attached for your reference. 

    As it stands now, the policy will be up for discussion this evening at our Board meeting at Brownell (agenda attached).  If you have comments you would like to share with the board at the meeting, you would make those comments during the "Public Comments on Non Action Agenda Items" portion of the meeting. 

    It has been scheduled for a vote during out May 23 board meeting.

    Your other options for communicating your thoughts to any on the board individually by phone, email, etc. or by contacting all of us at the same time by emailing schoolboard@gpschools.org. Each board member's phone numbers and email addresses should be available on the board member bio page.  If that information wasn't shared there, you can contact Denise Sharples at 432-3003 or drop me an email and I will get it for you.  Any emails sent to that email address will automatically be forwarded to each board member and the members of the central office administration.

    Lastly, you posed a number of questions in your May 5 email.  I did not receive a copy of the response you received from the Board President or Superintendent.  If you would be so kind as to share it with me, i would greatly appreciate it. 

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Ahmed Ismail 

    Ahmed Ismail, Trustee

    Grosse Pointe Public School System

    Phone: 313-343-9060 (The Portrait Place - 10am-5pm)

    Email: ismaila@gpschools.com


    Notice to Recipient:  The views expressed in this transmittal and its attachments (if any) are those of its author individually and are not necessarily shared by the other members of the Grosse Pointe Public School System's Board of Trustees and/or its administration.  If you would like the official school board position on an issue or would like to communicate to all of the members of the school board at once, please send your email to schoolboard@gpschools.org.  Thank you. 


    From: Fred Nazarko
    Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2016 8:58:24 AM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    To: School Board
    Subject: GPPSS - Pending Changes to Enrollment Policy 5111 (Non-Resident Staff Enrolling Their Children Without Tuition)

    To the GPPSS Board,

    I would like to convey my disapproval of such a change to Enrollment Policy 5111.

    I am afraid that with this amendment in our enrollment policy, would put our district at risk of morphing into a full fledged "school of choice" district. Something that I and other residents overwhelmingly do not support.

    I have the deepest respect and admiration of the teachers and staff in our district. They are the backbone of our district. They are the people I relied on for my education yesterday, and they are the people that I rely on to educate my children today.

    But for this, our teachers are compensated very well. In my opinion, if they would like to have their children go to GPPS, then they should seriously consider making the decision to move into the district, just like the many thousands of other families have made.

    This policy amendment would also be very unfair to teachers and staff members that have already made the decision to move into the district.

    Again I urge the board to not pass such amendment to enrollment policy 5111.

    On another quick item. Can the board comment on its relationship to Diverse GP and NAACP-GP/HW and its members? Its troubling to see how these two organizations seem to influence the board on certain social issues. My opinion is that there is nothing that links these organizations to academics.

    Thank you and I look forward to your response.

    Fred Nazarko

    Fred Nazarko
    313.444.5541 gvoice
    313.216.1014 fax