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    Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 11:39:16 AM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    To: Niehaus, Gary; Dean, Jon; Ahmed Ismail (Studio)

    Cc: School Board

    Subject: GPPSS - New Extracurricular Code of Conduct (Scheduling of Formal Board Review)




    Thank you for forwarding a copy of the above to me this morning.


    Please make sure that this evening is not the only time the Board is going to have input into this very important document before it is finalized and distributed to the community.  While it is entitled, "Extracurricular Code of Conduct", in essence it is a policy, and should follow the same review process.


    While I can't speak for the other board members, my own schedule does not permit me to drop what I am doing today to review documents like this and make notes for meaningful dialogue with the rest of the board when it is received hours before out meeting on a work day.


    One of the expected documents I thought would accompany this is a breakdown of what Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Troy and Novi policies are in this regard.  Please forward them (or at least your grid summary of them) to me prior to when we are actually going to discuss this document.


    Thank you,





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    GPPSS Draft Revised Extracurricular Code of Conduct for BOE 042216