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    This is also information that was shared yesterday regarding the Trombley kindergarten section 


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    This is a cut and paste from a Jon Dean email.  It does not answer all of your questions but it gives you an idea.


    In terms of the TRO kindergarten class size:


    ·         We currently have 27 students enrolled in K at TRO

    ·         If we added a teacher we would have a class size of 13 and 14 (lowest in the district) - $80,000 total benefit/salary

    ·         The average class size at TRO across all grades is still the lowest in the district

    ·         Last week (when we had 24 students) we closed the second session of TRO K

    ·         The district has had 27 kids in a K class in the past at Monteith.

    ·         At times, the district has added a classroom assistant when numbers have been above 25.  The challenge, is that an assistant has a significant cost (approximately $35,000-$40,000 for a full time assistant)

    ·         Currently, we are 1.0 FTE below budget projection due to the reductions in the TRO and POU kindergarten last week


    Jon can give you more information to your questions if needed.






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    I see from Jon's email that you have decided to add one FTE to the staff at Trombly.


    What does this bring the kindergarten class size to per classroom at Trombly?


    What is the average kindergarten class size at each of the other elementary schools?


    What pay level of teacher are we having to bring in for this extra class? 


    What is their fully loaded cost (with benefits, retirement, etc.)?


    Thank you,