• From: Cindy Pangborn <cindypangborn@gmail.com>
    Date: June 19, 2015 at 12:30:47 PM EDT
    To: Judy Gafa <gafaj@gpschools.com>, <gary.niehaus@gpschools.org>, "Christian Fenton" <Christian.Fenton@gpschools.org>, Jon Dean <Michael.Dean@gpschools.org>, Lois Valente <valentl@gpschools.com>, "Margaret Weertz" <weertzm@aol.com>, "<ahmed@portraitplacegpw.com>" <ahmed@portraitplacegpw.com>, Brian Summerfield <Summerb@gpschools.com>, Daniel Roeske <roesked@gpschools.com>
    Subject: Budget discussion

    Dear Mrs. Gafa,
     Unfortunately, you have misunderstood several of my budget questions so I would like to reiterate my concerns. I addressed the Board and administrators in this format so that the public would have access to my questions  and opinions that were not able to be heard due to the remote setup being poor.  
      When I was speaking of the line item for repairs, it was repairs and replacements for technology that we normally handle out of the general fund. This has nothing to do with the sinking fund or any of the expenses associated with the sinking fund budget.  This was to say how the community looks negatively on zero money from the general fund being spent towards computer repairs.  This is how our problems started in the past by not making an effort to keep up with maintenance. All of our new computers are under maintenance programs so we need to ask Steve Woloszyn for input on what would be prudent for these incidentals.
       My concerns with our legal fees are a reality the entire Board has had concerns with. I was asking for a discussion meeting to talk about our philosophy in regards to legal expenses. There are areas, like tax preparation for PTO 's, that I think should be handled differently, not by our lawyers.
      Twice you have accused me of being on a steering committee with the Unite the Farms group and both times I have denied that this ever happened. You continue to accuse me of being in this leadership role that has never existed. Please keep your remarks to facts instead conjecture.
      We all know that the numbers of students that have been removed are published on the web. I included that in my request so that tuition numbers I requested would be spelled out by each year.  I just asked for a breakdown on the tuition category of this years budget.  This is not a controversial request, I just want to see a run down of the items that make up the tuition line item and these numbers are all available .
      My email stated my opinions and my questions, all which had to do with the budget. I do not understand why  my opinions or my budget questions were answered with a condescending attitude.
    Cindy  Pangborn