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    Subject: GP South--Viewpointe Thank You Note 

    Hello all,

    In light of the "bad" light that a few students at South put the district in with Second Suburb, I thought I would share a "good" light I received today from the editors of the GP South "Viewpointe" yearbook--a thank you note that was totally unnecessary, but so very much appreciated by me.

    As you may know, the yearbook at South is all completed after school with volunteer students not doing it because they need an English credit, but instead because they have a love of journalism and their school.  Take a look at the GPAs of these kids and where they are going to college and you'll see that these aren't kids who need something else to do after school.

    We are truly blessed to have an adviser at South (John Cilluffo) for the yearbook who sets a high standard for his after school team which the students continually surpass.  I can't imagine the hours that John and his band of students put in after school during the yearbook crunch season.

    The thank you note attached is from Emily Piccione and Matthew Kennedy, the Editors-in-Chief for this year's Viewpointe.  As you all know, I am the dinosaur of our group, so handwritten thank you notes dwarf email thank you notes if you want to impress me.


    I just wanted to share the note with you all, so that if you see Emily or Matthew, any other Viewpointe staff members or their parents, or their adviser, Mr. Cilluffo, you can thank them for being the assets they are to our school system and wish the students well in the next step in their educations.  Feel free to also let them know they impressed the "dinosaur".  :)

    Best wishes,


    P.S.  In full disclosure, the card included a $25 gift card to Starbucks.  I would be happy to split it with all of you.  Will that buy us each a cookie??  :)

    2015 0608 Viewpointe Thank you