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    Subject: Re: Tomorrows board meeting

    That was a typo. It has been posted as 6pm on the district website since last week.
    I announced on Wed that the meeting would be at 6p May 4th
    I think moving it due to a typo and not convening  as posted would be much bigger issue. It is still posted for 6p.
    Like Mr Ismail you are able to participate remotely and can call in if you cannot make the time that was agreed upon by this board as a whole, the time that was publicly announced twice last week and the time that has been posted on our district website since last week.
    Not once during any of those very public announcements that have been viewed by hundreds in our community was there a conflict brought to my attention by a board member.
    Please let me know if you will be participating remotely
    Judy Gafa

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    I was unaware of the time change and the difference moving it earlier makes it difficult for me to be on time.  Is there a reason why we can't keep it at 6:30  ?   Better we start later than earlier so that people don't feel we cheated them from the meeting.

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    > Subject: Tomorrows board meeting
    > Good Evening
    > There was a typo on the board agenda for Monday May 4th. The start time of the
    > Meeting will be 6pm. That was the announced time and the posted time. Please email me by noon tomorrow to confirm that you are aware of the correct start time.  Janet will also be calling members with the correct start time
    > Respectfully
    > Judy Gafa