Procedure to Request a PERSONAL CURRICULUM

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    PC Request 1.  The Personal Curriculum (PC) forms are available on the district website. The PC can be requested by a parent/legal guardian, age of majority/emancipated student, or school counselor/administrator/case manager using the Request & Plan Form 2 (general education) or Form 3A (students with an IEP). PC requests are typically accepted starting in a student’s sophomore year. The completed request form should be submitted to the student’s designated school counselor. Within 30 school days from the date the PC Request Form is received the PC process will be completed.  
    Counselor Review  2. 1.    The school counselor will review the request to assure that it meets state requirements.

    2.    If the request meets state requirements:

    A.  The school counselor may approve a PC for a general education request. Counselor should complete Form 2 with appropriate signatures.

    B.  For a PC request for a student with an IEP, the school counselor sends the PC review team notice of a meeting. The PC Review Team shall include the student’s counselor, the student, the parent, the relevant content area teacher(s), the school psychologist and special education caseload teacher. Additional staff may be added as appropriate.

    3. Staff collects appropriate documents for committee review at the PC Review Team meeting. (See list of documents on PC Review Team form)
    PC Review and Development Team  3. The PC Review Team meets to review the necessary documents in order to make a recommendation to approve or deny a PC. The school counselor serves as the chair of the PC Review Team and completes the PC Review Team form 3B at this meeting.
    PC Implementation  4. 1.    Appropriate staff implements approved PC on the date identified by the school counselor and/or PC Development Team.

    2.    Student progress can be monitored quarterly by parents through such tools as Progress Reports, Report Cards, Parent/Student Connect, and Teacher Conference (upon request).

    3.    Any modification to a PC must be made using the same process as the original PC.