• Academic Support

    If you want to check on: Attendance, Transcript Grades, Cafeteria Account Balance, Student Schedules, counselor, teacher email addresses, emergency contact information you need to log in to MiStar Parent Portal.  MiStar Login Help Here is helpful login instructions
    Parents are strongly encouraged to check their student's grades regularly using Schoology.  With this feature, parents can see the teachers' grade books to check the specifics of their child's grade.  Some questions to consider:
    • Is the student completing all of his/her homework?  if the grade is 0 or "Z" then a direct communication with the teacher would be a good idea.  All teachers are available via email or voicemail
    • Look for trends.  What is the homework grade compared to the in-class assignments or test grades?  The more you can pinpoint the issue the better able to address the problem and fix it.
    • Connect with the teacher.  All teachers regularly check their email and voice mail.
    If a student is having trouble in classes or earning low grades there are several options to consider:
    • Does the student have a tutorial hour that can be focused on the topic where there is trouble?  For example, we have special Math tutorials available where the student can ask questions to a math teacher to support their class.  See the counselor for more information on this.
    • Has the student checked with the teacher to get help?  Many teachers offer help before or after school.  There is never any charge for this.
    • Has the student sought out free tutoring through NHS after-school or the Spanish Honor Society before or after school?

      Set alerts for your student's progress.  You can have Pinnacle alert you when an assignment is missing, when the overall grade dips below a thresh hold that you create or simply send you a weekly progress report.  I recommend getting a report once a week - more than that could drive you up a tree.

    National Honor Society Tutoring AND Spanish National Honor Society Tutoring:
    This FREE service is available in the South Library Maker Space:
    Monday Morning 7:45 - 8:42
    Wednesday after school 3:05 - 4:00
    Thursday after school 3:05 - 4:00
    Friday Morning 7:00 - 8:00
    No appointment necessary.
    Student Tutors
    Lists available from counselors upon request
    Adult Tutors
    The school district maintains a list of local adult tutors who have successfully completed criminal background check.  Call the counseling center (432-3519) or stop by and we will be happy to send this list to you.
    Online Tutoring

    There is a FREE homework help site available from GPPL.  It connects kids to an online tutoring service called Brainfuse  All the student needs is a library card to log on.  It is available from 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm each day.