• In January of 1927, the 23 acre swamp land was purchased by the school district. The Georgian, colonial style building, designed by George Haas became one of the most beautiful and majestic buildings in the Pointes.

    The Class of 1928 first strolled the halls of Grosse Pointe High School under the watchful eye of the tower. This tower is the school's most distinguishing feature, standing nearly 133 feet tall, making it one of the tallest buildings in Grosse Pointe.

    The school has been a source of pride for the community it educates. Therefore, throughout the school's history, much has been done to improve the building and heighten the education level. In the Forties, industrial production soared as the world fought a war. In the spring of 1942, a two-story building was completed with the purpose of offering an industrial challenge to youth.

    Like the forties with its emphasis on industrialization, the Fifties' emphasis was on physical fitness. To compensate the growing fitness trend, a new auditorium/ gymnasium and accompanying field room was added in 1954. At the dedication ceremony of the facilities the entertainers were the newly married Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

    In the Sixties, the school was undergoing a population explosion as the "baby boomers" came of age. In 1961 a third floor was added to the IA building, to house the math department. At the beginning of the 1964 school year the $240,000 Wicking Library was opened. Thus closing down Cleminson hall as the library. Plans were also passed for the construction of a new high school on the north side of the district.

    In the late Sixties attention was given to the inadequate facilities at the newly named Grosse Pointe South High School. This included the need for a new building to house the music department, currently practicing behind the stage in the gymnasium. In 1971 construction began on the complex which would surround Wicking Library, named the S building. To accommodate the growing number of student drivers, 125 parking spaces were added, bringing total to 365 spaces. In 1973, South reached its present state of development, with the completion of the S building, music facilities and adjoining passage-way.

    Since the original building rose out of the swampy plot, South has undergone many transformations. Each added detail, each new brick laid and each paint stroke swept on, brought South closer to perfection. South is a building of details, details which tell the story of a rich and varied history.

    Here beside St. Clair's blue waters,
    Stands our tower bold,
    And our noble Alma Mater,
    Glorious to behold.

    Swell the chorus, let it echo,
    Raise it to the sky,
    Hail to thee, our Alma Mater
    Grosse Pointe South High