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    College applicants, please note:
     Seniors: Once you have submitted your college application complete Application Submission Form above to ask your counselor to send materials
    Every application must be submitted using this form in order to send transcript/Letters/Profile.


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    Who is my student’s Counselor?


    Counseling Caseload Assignments

    Cathy Beach - Counseling Center Receptionist  (313) 432-3519 beachc@gpschools.org 

    How do I get in touch with my student’s counselor?

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    September 2021 Update

    How do I request a schedule change?

    The following are eligible reasons or a schedule change:

    • Scheduling error
    • Lack of prerequisite class/grade requirements
    • Moving to a more challenging course level
    • Failure to complete a course in the spring semester or in summer school which would make the student ineligible for a chosen course
    • A transcript for a new student indicates a schedule change is necessary

    Requests for any other reason, including those based on extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and must be approved by the administration. You may complete this form to request a change. Generally speaking, level change requests like Honors Freshman English to traditional Freshman English or AP US history to traditional US history require a month or so of honest effort before those requests will be reviewed. 

    How does your student feel about returning to school?

    Students may be feeling a bit different about their return to school this fall.  We anticipate that some kids may be concerned about a return to standard academic pace and rigor.  Maybe they are worried that their academic experiences over the past couple of years have not prepared them.  This has certainly been a discussion among educators as well. Teachers are mindful that academic preparedness will vary and will be working closely with students to support their success. Parents can support this as well by encouraging kids’ good study habits and life balance with nutrition, sleep, and social activities. 

    Counselors will also work to build and sustain em otional support with our families.  Expect that we will be reaching out to all of our students regularly throughout the year to check in on them and following up individually with concerns and challenges.  However, if you see that your student is struggling please connect with us.  We want to help.  We all must build in good self-care and healthy habits to model a positive life balance for our children.


    Counselors will be meeting with all Seniors on Friday, September 10th to review the college application process and to make sure that all seniors who still need to make testing arrangements for the ACT or SAT have the information they need.  During this important information session we will cover the following topics:

    • Using Naviance for the College Application Process
    • Timetable for college preparation
    • The College Application Process
    • Important dates for College Night and Financial Aid Night 
    • The Letter of Recommendation process
    • Important testing dates for Senior year
    • How to Request an official High School Transcript
    • Early Decision and Early Action possibilities
    • How to share important information for your counselor Letters of Recommendation

    Everything that we share with your student in this meeting is also easily referenced online at the counseling center website.  

    We will follow up with a Senior Parent Evening on Monday, September 13 ONLINE. Here is the Link. The Meeting ID is 959 324 5732 The Passcode os south We will cover all of the same items stated above in our student meeting.

    An important message on college application timing. 

    When college advisors suggest that you “apply early” to a school for your best chance that date is by October 15. We strongly encourage applications for seniors who intend to apply to the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) or Michigan State University by October 15 to meet the Early Action deadline of November 1. 

    JUNIOR PARENTS: Friday, September 17th counselors will meet with all juniors in small groups.   At the meetings, we will provide the juniors with information about making the most of this important high school year.  This will include understanding the impact of grades and test scores, standardized testing in the junior year, college night, post-high school planning, and more.   We will follow up with a Junior Parent Evening on Monday September 20 @7:00  We will cover all of the same items stated above in our student meeting.

    Wednesday, October 13th is the day that the PSAT/NMSQT will be given at South.  All juniors will take this test in preparation for the Spring state-required SAT.   While this is the practice test for the SAT, it is also the test that juniors take to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Freshmen and sophomores will also take this test for practice. Registration for the test will be done in school.  If students are interested in preparing for the PSAT or SAT a fantastic and FREE resource is on Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org). They are the only test prep partner of the College Board so they will have the very latest in SAT test preparation.  The best part is that it is all free.

    FRESHMAN PARENTS Welcome to Grosse Pointe South!  Counselors are happy to meet with you and your student.  Parents and students can make appointments by calling 432-3519.  Please check here regularly to see important information from the counseling team.

    Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will); being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t).

    ~ James Baraz