• Scheduling

     Rising Freshman Schedule Process for Private/Parochial Students 2021-2022


     Rising Sophomores through Seniors

    February 3-10: Students meet with current teachers to get course recommendations and together with their families select courses for next year. Parents should electronically sign their approval on the Course Selection Google Doc that their student shares with them.

    March 2-12: Counselors will meet with students in their English Class to input their course selections and complete their Educational Development Plan (Career Assessments) on Naviance

    April/May: Administration will mail home a letter reminding parents of the courses their student registered for and offer the opportunity to change for any reason. Once the deadline for changes has passed there will be no more schedule changes.

    May/June: Counselors will work to create a schedule for students that meets all core academic requests and as many elective requests as possible. 

    August: Students will receive their schedule 

    Schedule Changes
    Schedule changes will be approved only for the following reasons:
    • Student has taken a summer school class that negates the need for a scheduled fall class or failed a class in the spring that needs to be rescheduled for fall.
    • Schedule errors due to computer errors.  For example: Student has been scheduled into two tutorials in the same semester or two semester English classes in the same semester
    • Balancing classes to facilitate and improve student-to-teacher ratios

    We will not be able to accommodate requests for class period changes, teacher changes, lunch hour changes, or additions to classes that are closed.