• PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

    Arrival and Departure

    ●  Be On Time - Arrive to your classes and other events in a time that allows you to get all necessary materials and be seated - ready to start right away.
    ●  Park In Designated Areas - Park in assigned parking spots and lots.
    ●  Heads Up - Be Cautious - Keep your eyes on your surroundings. Texting can be dangerous while walking and driving.
    ●  Use Sidewalks & Crosswalks - While walking, use the sidewalks and crosswalks to ensure safety. This way, all drivers know where to expect you.
    ●  Drive at Appropriate Speeds - Exercise caution and slow speeds when driving to ensure safety.

    ●  Respect Others - Keep your hands and materials to yourself. Respect personal space.
    ●  Keep It Clean - Dispose of trash in the trash bins and recyclable materials in the blue bins. If you see anything on the ground, pick it up and throw it away.
    ●  Use Proper Language & Volume - Use respectful indoor voices to keep the conversations amongst yourselves.
    ●  Travel Efficiently - Walk with purpose in the hallways. Be prompt.
    ●  Maintain a Secure Campus - Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something, say something.


    ●  Persevere - Even when the task is tough, never give up, keep trying.
    ●  Listen & Participate - Listen to both the adults and students around you. This means you are listening with your ears and posture - avoid engaging in other activities while someone else is talking. Participate and remain engaged in class discussions and activities by completing assignments, volunteering your ideas to the class and collaborating with others.
    ●  Meet Expectations - Be aware of the different expectations in each classroom.
    ●  Follow Procedures - During fire, tornado, lockdown and evacuation drills, please stay quiet, with your class, and keep cell phones put away.
    ●  Respect & Encourage Others - Support the opinions and thoughts of adults and students in the classroom. If you have a different opinion than someone else, disagree with the idea but do not make it personal.
    ●  Maintain Academic Integrity - Keep assessment content confidential; homework is practice for you; think before you share. Assessments may be graded on a curve - sharing content would not be beneficial to you.


    ●  Allow for Privacy - Enter the restroom stalls individually and keep doors closed.
    ●  Keep It Clean - Dispose of trash and other materials in the necessary trash bins.
    ●  Wash Hands - Use soap and water every time you use the restroom.
    ●  Be Efficient - Take care of your business and return to class promptly.

    Lunch Area

    ●  Eat In Designated Area - Eat your lunch in the commons, cafeteria or front lawn. This includes your food and beverages.
    ●  Make Healthy Decisions - Choose foods and beverages that are healthy.
    ●  Use Proper Language & Volume - Keep your conversations positive and among the people you are sitting with. Remember that there are classes going on nearby that may be distracted by a loud conversation while they are trying to learn.
    ●  Dispose of Trash - Dispose of all trash in the trash cans and all recyclable materials to the blue recycling bins.

    Extracurricular Activities

    ●  Represent South Positively - Wear school spirit wear. Use appropriate chanting/cheering.
    ●  Respect Participants, Spectators & Officials - Positively encourage all participants. Exercise appropriate competitive spirit. Be mindful of the community members that will be in attendance.
    ●  Use Appropriate Language - Be mindful of the language or message you’re choosing to share.
    ●  Adhere to GPS Code of Conduct - Refer to your planner or GPS website.


    ●  Think Before You Post - Consider the consequences to your future and the feelings of others before posting anything on social media or any other digital outlets. Is it ​T​rue? Is it ​H​elpful? Is it ​I​nspiring (​I​llegal)? Is it ​N​ecessary? Is it ​K​ind?
    ●  Value Opinions & Privacy - Be proud to share your thoughts and opinions. Respond thoughtfully to others and when disagreeing with their opinion, do so in a respectful manner. Keep personal information that belongs to you as well as all others to yourself.
    ●  Follow Acceptable Use Policies - Adhere to the Cell Phone Policy and the Technology Use. Policy as set forth by Grosse Pointe South. Please keep in mind that use of online translators or apps are violations of the acceptable usage of technology. You can find the policies in your handbook!
    ●  Cite Resources - Be sure to cite all of your resources and give credit to the person or the source who holds the original idea or text. You can ask your teachers if you need help with this!