Students graduating in 2010 are required to complete three years (3 credits) in mathematics. It is recommended that students planning a college experience take 4 credits in mathematics. Students graduating in 2011 and beyond are required to complete four years of mathematics (one of which can be math-related) including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II and must take a credit in a math or math related course during their senior year. Due to curriculum changes in the math sequence, a separate flowchart is provided for the class of 2010.


    Class of 2011 and beyond



    College Preparatory Sequence



    330 Honors Geometry

    307 Algebra I CP
    320 Algebra I CP Support

    318 Algebra I

     310 Algebra Support

    335 Honors Algebra II

    316 Geometry CP

    303 Geometry
    339 Geometry Support

    346 Honors Accelerated PreCalculus

    322 Algebra II CP

    319 Algebra II

    358 AP Calculus AB

    359 AP Calculus BC

    342 PreCalculus

    332 Advanced Math


    Statistics/Intro to Calculus


    Note:  Occasionally, “horizontal” movement on either chart may be recommended for individual students, although the sequence of course topics remains the same.