• The Mathematics Department at Grosse Pointe South has created enrichment opportunities through Delta Math for students entering math courses at any level in the fall. These opportunities are optional, but are a great way to keep math skills sharp over the summer! 


    We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity! If you are interested, please use the steps linked here to join the class (join codes are listed in the table below) that best represents the course you are entering next school year. Feel free to complete as little or as much as you want on your own or with a friend/parent/tutor. There may be some skills you already feel confident in–if those problems look easy, feel free to skip them!  There may also be problems that are challenging for you and that is ok!  


    Tips to be successful:

    • Even though you are entering your answers on the computer, you will want to have paper and a pencil to work through the problems! 

    • Delta Math has an integrated scientific and graphing calculator, but we encourage you to get comfortable using your own calculator if you have one!  

    • If you get stuck on a problem, click “Watch Help Video” to see an instructor walk you through the solving process.  

    • Use keyboard shortcuts (ex: / for fractions, ^ for powers, (  )’s to group the numerator or denominator, etc)  or click on the keyboard icon to type in your answer.


    We look forward to meeting you in the fall & learning together next year!