• College Admission Rep Visits

    Representatives from over a hundred colleges and universities visit Grosse Pointe South High School annually.  Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores are invited to meet with these admission reps.  We particularly encourage Juniors and Seniors.  All visits take place in the library outside of the College/Career Resource Center office in the morning and in the Counseling Center area after lunch.  Mrs. Naps Helpful Tidbits: Please sit up straight, don't chew gum, no earbuds/phones in sight and look them in the eye.  Treat this like an interview!! Often times these representatives help make decisions...so lets put our best foot forward.  South Pride!!!
    **Check your Naviance account for the most up to date list of college visits.  This is where we would like you to sign up for each visit.  Passes are no longer needed to attend these visits. Your excused absence will be taken care of by Mrs. Naporano in the College Resource Center.  Only those she sees/knows... are/were present will be excused.  
  • Sample Questions to Ask
    General Information
    • How many students attend this college?
    • Is there a cap of how many Grosse Pointe South students are accepted each year?
    • What percentage of first year students return?
    • How safe is campus?
    • What is the biggest safety issue on campus?  Bike theft?   Car break-ins?  Ask about the surrounding towns.
    • If I am at the library and it is late does the University provide free transportation if I do not want to walk back alone?
    • What makes the college unique?
    • How much does it cost to attend?
    • What are your college's academic specialties?  Which are your strongest programs or most competitive?
    • How large are most classes?  Introductory Math? English? Science Lab?
    • Is it hard to get into the classes you need?
    • Is tutoring available?  Is it free?
    • What is the percentage of classes that are taught by professors and what percentage by teaching assistants?
    • Are there study abroad opportunities?
    • Which admissions criteria do you consider most important (GPA, ACT/SAT scores, etc.)?
    • What are the deadlines for applications and financial aid?
    • What types of scholarship opportunities are available?
    • Are there specific requirements for my major?
    Student Life
    • Where do students live?
    • How many years do you require students to live on campus?
    • Do the residence halls have air conditioning? Wi-Fi? Phones? How many students in a room?
    • What is the food like?  Are there healthy choices?
    • Are there meal plans with many options?
    • When parents and friends come to visit are there restaurant options?
    • Can students have cars if they live in the dorms?  Is there a fee to park? 
    • Will I have to walk a long way from the parking lots to classes?
    • How do students get around campus? 
    • Will I have to walk a long way from my dorm to classes?
    • Is there a reliable bus system? (if the campus is large)
    • What activities do students participate in?
    • Do most students stay or leave on weekends?