• Naviance
    Grosse Pointe South
    Family Connection
    All Grosse Pointe South students are registered with Naviance.
    In the login box entitled "Username" enter your school ID.
    For "Password" use your school password.
    You can find a copy of the Status of Application Notificationhere.
     Remember this form needs to be submitted to the
    College Resource Center
    to complete your transcript request.
    For a copy of the directions please click on the link below.
     College Application Process
    1.  Explore different Colleges and Universities using Naviance.  Save to "Colleges I'm Thinking About"
    2.  Apply to colleges online either at the College or University website or through the Common Application
    3.  Once you have applied move the school from "Colleges I'm Thinking About" over to "Colleges I'm Applying To."  At this time you will click on the box to request the transcript and let us know you have submitted your application.  Then hit update.  Do not move the College or University to the applying to list until the application is submitted.
    4.  If you miss this portion you can go to "Colleges I'm Applying To" and click on request transcripts.  The schools listed that you are applying to will show toward the top of this screen.  Check the boxes and update the page. 
    5.  You must also request teacher recommendations from the "Colleges I'm Applying To" link.  (Only request a letter if needed)
    6.  Send your ACT/SAT test scores from the testing companies.  ACT is www.act.org  or SAT is www.collegeboard.com
    7.  Complete the Status of Application Notification form on line.  .  Your transcript request is not complete until this form is filled out.  THIS STEP IS REQUIRED FOR RELEASE OF TRANSCRIPTS.
    8.  Check back to Naviance as you begin hearing back about decisions made.  Update each schools by going to "Colleges I'm Applying To" clicking on the icon that looks like a pencil.  This will allow you to edit and update. 
    9.  When you decide where you will be attending College next Fall go into your Naviance account and set your attending school.
     As always if you have ANY questions stop by the CRC any morning and I will happily answer your questions.
    Click on the following link for a copy of step by step directions for the College Application Process