• SRC Grading Policy


    SRC Grading Policy for Skills Classes

    Brownell Middle School



    Parents can monitor their student’s progress in Skills class by accessing Pinnacle through the Internet.   Pinnacle login information and parent passwords will be handed out at Back-To-School Night. 


    Grading for SRC Skills class follows the district grading scale used for all content area classes.  Grades will be entered once a week in the Pinnacle program.    


    Grading criteria:


    Each day, students have the opportunity to earn points for the following:

    • Arriving to class on time with their completed planner and all necessary supplies
    • Bringing enough challenging classwork/study materials to work for the entire hour.  If students do not have any assigned work, they are expected to bring a book to read during class. 
    • Being respectful and cooperative with peers and staff


    A total of 100 points can be earned for each Skills class period, for a total of 500 possible points per week.  Please see the SRC Weekly Grade Sheet for more detail.


    In addition to the district quarterly report cards, students will receive a special education progress report based on the goals and objectives outlined in the student’s IEP.  


    Grading Scale:


    A+     99-98                                       C+     78-77

    A        95-93                                       C        74.5-73

    A-      91-90                                        C-      71-70

    B+     88-87                                        D+     68-67

    B        84.5-83                                     D       64.5-63

    B-       81-80                                       D-      61-60

    E        59-0