Ms. Antoinette (Tonie) Vandenbussche-Abud
    Brownell Middle School
    Secondary Resource Room, A-26 
    Phone:  313.432.5448 

    Class Description: 

    • The SRC skills class is a class for special education students with an IEP and specific goals.
    • It is designed to support the mainstreamed classes that a special education student attends on a daily basis. 
    • Student-to-teacher ratio varies by hour
    • The focus of the class is to create a positive learning environment for success in school by using a variety of teaching strategies.  
    • The class encompasses a wide variety of services.  The following may be included but not limited to:
      • monitoring the students’ daily planners
      • review of concepts and information from a particular class
      • use of content material to teach study and test taking techniques.
      • modifying the curriculum, instruction and assessment when deemed necessary


    • In addition to working with students, the SRC teacher is in contact with the regular education teachers and parents to help facilitate an open line of communication. 
    • The student, parents, SRC teacher and any other designated member of the special education team work together, to create the most successful school year possible.       

     Course Objectives


    1. Provide a positive learning environment that supports the general ed curriculum
    2. Motivate students to be active learners
    3. Teach organizational skills to enhance learning
    4. Teach problem solving skills
    5. Teach self-advocacy skills and encourage independent thinkers
    6. Offer students assistance in academics as well as personal issues
    7. Offer assistance to general ed teachers when working with SRC students


    Policies and Expectations


    1. Students fill out their assignment books and bring them to skills class
    2. Students bring all necessary materials to complete homework assignments
    3. Students work on academic subjects and seek assistance when needed
    4. Students cooperate with peers and adults in the classroom
    5. Students complete any unfinished homework at home