• Brownell Broncos     Athletic Staff

    Athletic Coordinator:  Gina Francis:  gina.francis@gpschools.org
    Girls' Basketball
    7th  Grade:   Richard Borland:  borlanr@gpschools.org 
    8th Grade:  Walter Sowa:   owl1953@comcast.net
    Boys' Basketball
    7th Grade: Walter Sowa:   owl1953@comcast.net
    8th Grade:  Robert Banks:  rbanksjr08@gmail.com
    Girls' Volleyball
    7th Grade: Dawn Levick:  dawn.levick@gpschools.org
    8th Grade:Alicia Carlisle:  alicia.carlisle@gpschools.org
    This year combined with Pierce; all practices and home meets at Pierce
    Head Coach:  :  Billy Ward  William.Ward@gpschools.org
    Swimming Head Coach Nick Rancillio  prime@ranciliocreations.com  
    6th Grade Basketball
    Girls' Coach:  Walter Sowa:   owl1953@comcast.net
    Boys' Coach:  Mike Dempsey:  mike.dempsey@gpschools.org
    Track and Field
    Head Coach: Rose Birchmeir: birchmr@gpschools.org
    Asst. Coach:  Richard Borland
    Asst. Coach:  Alma Reygaert