• Physicals

     All participants in athletics must have a valid, doctor assessed physical examination dated after April 15th, of the previous school year in order to participate in tryouts.

    Blank physical forms are available in the school office or at http://www.mhsaa.com/Schools/FormsResources.aspx use the 2 page form. 



    MHSAA - Sports Physical Examination : No student shall be eligible to represent a high school (middle school) for whom there is not on file in the offices of the superintendent or principal of that school, a statement for the current school year certifying that the student has passed a physical examination and is physically able to compete in athletic practices and contests.


    • The physical examination form must be signed by the M.D.,D.O. Physician's Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner who administers the physical examination.
    • A school may use a locally created physical examination card or MHSAA Form A in complying with the Regulation. In all instances there must be at least a signed statement by the examiner that the student is physically able to compete in the athletic activity concerned.
    • Athletic equipment should not be issued and students should not be allowed to practice until an acceptable signed physical examination statement has been provided.
    • A statement for the current school year is interpreted as any physical examination given on or after April 15 of the previous school year.
    • In cases of serious injury or extended illness, students should be re-examined by a physician (M.D. or D.O.) before again being allowed to compete.