Student Expectations:

    Respectful and Prepared
    Attentive Listener/Speak Appropriately
    Follow Directions/Stay Organized
    Support Others
    Positive Attitude/ Honest

    6 Common Supplies:
    Pencil / Checking Pen / Glue / Scissors / Interactive Notebook / Planner

    Homework Expectations/Procedures:
    NCOP: Neat, Complete, On-Time, Personal Best.
    All HW is to be completed daily and all problems attempted.
    We will use PENCIL everyday for completing our work, we will use PEN everyday for correcting.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    I Do Not Have The Homework Assignment Written In My Planner, What Should I Do?

    1st) Check Schoology.
    2nd) Call or email a classmate that has Mrs. Drew.
    I Am Having Difficulty With My Assignment, What Should I Do?
    1st) Look/Review the class notes.
    2nd) Ask someone for help...study buddy!
    3rd) View the Online Textbook. 
    4th) Email Mrs. Drew to come in early for help. 
    I Am Having Difficulty Mastering a Concept, What Should I Do?
    1st) LET ME KNOW! Tell Mrs. Drew verbally, via e-mail, or write a note.
    2nd) Stop by before or after school to get help, PLEASE!
    3rd) Attend HW Help/review sessions before tests/quizzes.
    ***Remember, I'm here to help you but... I'm not a mind reader!