Web address:  www.mathcounts.org
    This site is great for honors students or those looking for a challenge.  The questions are meant to make you think logically and get yourself ready to compete with the rest of the world.
    I highly recommend this for students looking for that extra edge in mathematics.
    Web name:     Fun Brain
    Web address:  www.funbrain.com  
    This site is great for students who like a bit more fun in their mathematics! 
    There are a variety of games that will help students improve your math skills. 
    The best way to access this site is to go to the  "all games" part and go from there.
        Web name:  Coolmath.com 
    Web address:  www.coolmath.com
    This is a great site for both elementary and middle school teachers.  It has lesson plans to use in the classroom, parent resources, and activities for the students.  An entire class can log on at once and use this site to work on math problems or math games.  The games are set up so that the students don’t realize that they are learning math and are fun for the students to participate in
    Web name:  Math.com 
     Web address: www.math.com
    This is a site designed for math help for all ages.  It gives step by step directions on how to read and solve problems.  Type or click on the concept you want, and there is directions and problems to help understand them.  A great site for math students.
     Web site: Homework Spot
    This is a great collection of resources that cover just about every math topic for the middle school level.  There links to other resources as well as to contests you may choose to enter.  There are also fun games and puzzles to reinforce math concepts for every step of the way; a great resource for other subjects as well.
    Web site:   Math Playground
    Web address:  www.mathplayground.com
    This is a great interactive site for students to practice basic skills.  Math games incorporate multiplication skills, percent skills, problem solving skills, as well as word problems