• Welcome Parents!

    The mission of the Parcells Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to fund student academic enrichment, after-school clubs/activities, school improvements not covered by the bond, and student events through fundraising and volunteer support. 


    We raise funds via our annual Holiday bazaar, supporting Haunted Garage Productions, Kroger Community Rewards program, and through several restaurant fundraisers throughout the school year. Most parents join the PTO during August registration, but you can join any time. 

    Contact the PTO board at ptoparcells@gmail.com or “Parcells Middle School PTO” on Facebook. 

    For the past five years, the PTO has donated $15,000 each year to the school. The Principal and school administration use the funds for teacher grants, after-school clubs and activities as well as for special items identified by the Principal and teachers. 

    Other examples of how PTO funds support our school: 

    • Staff appreciation luncheons during Fall and Spring parent-teacher conferences

    • Staff appreciation gifts during Spring parent-teacher conferences

    • 5th-grade welcome party

    • 8th grade end-of-school-year party

    • 8th grade Washington DC scholarships 

    • Summer Band/Music scholarships 

    All parents are invited to attend monthly PTO meetings typicallyy held at 6:30 p.m. in the Parcells library on the 3rd Monday of the month (see calendar)

    There are many volunteer opportunities in the Parcells PTO. We need volunteers throughout the year, and specifically for the 5th grade welcome party, two staff appreciation luncheons, the 8th grade graduation and reception, and for the annual Holiday Bazaar.

    If you are interested in volunteering your time as a PTO board member or volunteer, please visit the “Board Position Descriptions” section of this website to learn more or contact a PTO board member at ptoparcells@gmail.com.


    Parcells 2023/2024 PTO Board



    Rania Routsis

    President (outgoing)


    Vice President

    Julie Moe


    Leslie Genest



    PTO Council  Observer

    Nicole Jensen

    School Board Observer

    Kristi Bickmann

    Teacher Appreciation Lead

    Andrea Pietrowsky


    Katrina Schultz

    Teacher Representative


    Corporate Fundraising 

    Anna Kociba, Kelly Butala, & Kendall Cassidy

    Holiday Bazaar-Vendors, Café, and Promotions