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     8th Grade Social Studies 
             U.S. History: Beginnings through Reconstruction
                    -  In 8th grade social studies students will dive into the creation of the United States. We cover a lot of history and have fun while doing it. We will analyze primary sources, look at events from multiple perspectives, debate, participate in Socratic seminars, learn how to become better note takers and much more. I believe that the skills learned in social studies are just as important as the content learned. We will explore different ways to take notes and study and challenge students on how to study history and why history matters today. We spend a lot of time practicing historical thinking skills, which include: sourcing, contextualizing, and corroborating. We use many resources from the Stanford History Education Group who has spearheaded the work on historical thinking skills. We will also practice those skills while working on historical and argumentative writing.
             In the recent months we have seen a large rise in fake news. We will discuss how to avoid falling victim to fake news by using our historical thinking skills. We also test ourselves to see if we can identify the fake news. 
    Please check the homework calendar for what we did in class that day as well as any homework. 
Last Modified on September 3, 2018