• Student Drop-off and Pick-up Guidelines

    There are two student entrances for dropping off and picking up at Parcells:

    • The Main entrance on Mack Ave.
    • The Powerhouse door entrance by the main gym in the parking lot off of Sunningdale Park.

    After 8:30 am all doors will be locked.  Students arriving late must be buzzed into school through the main front doors (Mack Ave.) or the 6th grade  (back parking lot) Sunningdale doors.

     For the safety and well being of our students, please review and follow these instructions.


    Ö Be patient.  We want to keep all people, students and adults alike, safe.


    Ö Where possible, leave home a little earlier to avoid the busiest and most congested time period in the morning.


    Ö Consider making agreements with other parents so that you can car pool.  Having more children delivered to school in fewer cars will definitely help the traffic congestion and my concern for safety.


    Ö  Only drop off or pick up students from the inside lane against the sidewalk/building.     

           Do not drop students off from the traffic lane furthest from the building.  By

           dropping children off from that lane, the possibility of a student being hit by a car in 

           the first lane increases significantly. 


    Ö Children should exit on the right side of the car on to the sidewalk or blacktop closest

     to the building.   Do not allow children to exit the left side of the car because it will    

     cause them to exit the car into traffic. 


    Ö When you are in the lane closest to the school to drop children off, allow children to exit the car at the point that you stop behind the car in front of you.  You should not wait to pull up to the entry doors to the school to allow children to exit the car.  Dropping children off at the point that you are stopped in the line of traffic will move traffic out of the lot faster and decrease congestion. 


     Ö Do not park your vehicle in the second traffic lane (second lane furthest from the sidewalk/building) even to come into the school only for a few minutes.  Obviously, traffic is blocked when a driver does this.


    Parking Lot Drop Off Map