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  • This week:


    Tuesday, January 16 - Friday, January 19

    I have started a Google Classroom to manage my announcements and assignments.  To join my classroom, the code is: 


    From now on, you can find all Class information on Google Classroom : - )


    Historical Head - Founding Fathers Research Assignment - DUE Thursday, January 18

    HONORS: Historical Head - Founding Fathers Research Assignment - DUE Thursday, January 18


    Constitutional Convention Notes - Great Compromise and 3/5ths Compromise

    HONORS: Constitutional Convention Notes - Great Compromise Debate


    The Electorial College and Ratification of the Constitution - Notes Packet should be completed

    HONORS: The 3/5s Compromise, Electoral College and Ratification


    Review the Electoral College and Ratification -

    OPEN NOTE Test on the Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention - Tuesday, January 23.

    HONORS: Review the 3/5s Compromise, Electoral College and Ratification, Complete Notes Packet

               Test on the Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention - Tuesday, January 23.


    Monday, January 8 - Friday, January 12


    Cornell Notes - Articles of Confederation


    HONORS - Yorktown (The world turned upside down) Hamilton; Finish Comic Strips

                    COMIC STRIPS due TUESDAY, January 9.


    Reading Notes - Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation


    HONORS - READING NOTES - Battle of Yorktown


    Vocabulary Quiz


    HONORS - Cornell Notes - Articles of Confederation







    Vocabulary Flashcards - Articles of Confederation Instructions:

    Create 11 Flashcards using the highlighted words on page 234 - Attached here: Articles of Confederation - VOCAB

    Each card should include the word and a picture on the front and the definition on the back.


    Race to Yorktown Comic Strip Instructions

    Create a 9 box comic strip by folding your paper into 9 boxes.

    Each box represents one part of the Race to Yorktown, which you can read about here: King George What was his Problem - Race to Yorktown

    You should read each part, and draw an image in the box for each part.




    Monday, December 18 - Friday, December 22

    REMEMBER: Essays are due TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19!!!!!! (Due date was pushed back because of the snow day)


    American Revolution Doodle Notes 


    Essays are due.  We will be sharing essays in class and finishing the American Revolution Doodle Notes.

    A copy of the powerpoint cotaining the notes can be found here. 


    Open Note quiz on the American Revolution


    Breakout Edu - Meet in the Library



    Monday, December 11 -  Friday, December 15

    We are working on an essay answering the following question:

    How well is the United States upholding the principles of the Declaration of Indpendence?

    The Principles of the Declaration of Independence can be found here: Principles of the Declaration of Independence

    Essay is due Monday, December 18


    We will be brainstorming and outlining our Essay and working on an outline.  The outline is due Tuesday, December 12.  

    Essay Outline

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Writing in Class


    Editing, Revising, Rewriting!!!!!


    Essay is due Monday, December 19


    U.S. History:  Review the events leading to the American Revolution.  Make a One Pager:

    Questions for One Pager

    1. Somewhere on the paper write: “Road to Revolution” as a heading (it should be sort of big)
    2. Write the Answer to each question  - SKIP numbers 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 14.
    3. Clearly mark which question with a number.
    4. Include 2 drawings - Make it Colorful!

             Homework: Finish the One Pager(Remember to skip numbers 8, 9,11, 12, 13 and 14)

    Honors: Boston Massacre Document Analysis Activity - Meet in 211

                  Note Check

             Homework: Paul Revere Propaganda Paper due Wednesday, 11/29


    Tuesday 11/28/17

    U.S. History: Loyalists in the Colonies Activity

    Loyalists in the Colonies

    Homework: Loyalists Primary Source Activity due tomorrow!

    Honors: Boston Massacre Document Analysis Activity - Meet in 211

              Homework: Paul Revere Propaganda Paper due Wednesday, 11/29


    U.S. History: Warm up: Loyalist or Colonist?  

                          Discussion - The Boston Tea Party

                          The Intolerable Acts - Intolerable Acts Worksheet

    Homework: Intolerable Acts Worksheet 

    Honors: Loyalists in the Colonies Activity

                  Discussion: Boston Tea Party

                  Intolerable Acts One Pager



    U.S. History: First Continental Congress Comic


    Honors: First Continental Congress Comic, Lexington and Concord 



    U.S. History: Battles of Lexington and Concord Webquest - Due at the end of the hour

                                                  Lexington and Concord Webquest

                          QUIZ TUESDAY, December 5 will cover: Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Intolerable Acts, First Continental

                           Congress, Loyalists, Battles of Lexington and Concord, Olive Branch Petition     

     Honors:   Share Posters, Loyalist Documents Activity

    Last week:

    Monday 11/20/17

    Mrs. Totin returns!

    • Document analysis on the Boston Massacre

    Tuesday 11/21/17

    • 8th graders visit North - no class

    11/22 - 11/26

    Thanksgiving Break - no school


    Monday 11/13

    • Begin new unit - Road to Revolution
    • The French And Indian War - fill out graphic organizer on the war, its causes, its effects

    Tuesday 11/14

    Wednesday 11/15

    • Complete questions #1, 3-7 on pg. 148
    • Open-note quiz on the French and Indian War

    Thursday 11/16

    • The Proclamation of 1763 - response worksheet
    • The Sugar, Stamp, and Townshend acts - Cornell Notes

    Friday 11/17

    • Begin Boston Massacre research activities.
      • Gen. Ed: Primary source analysis and comparison using images
      • Honors: online activity using - account creation required, class code is GoldenrodLunder840
        • Please cover the first three steps - 1.) Hook / thought-provoking questions, 2.) context, and 3.) documents - for Monday.  The notes save as you go and will be useful in writing your response and discussing it with the class.
    • Mrs. Totin returns on Monday, 11/20


    Older Weeks:

    Monday 11/6

    • 1st hour: Salem Witch Trials Simulation
    • 2nd and 3rd hours: work on Colonial Region Project (1st hour had time on 11/3)
    • Homework: finish Colonial Region Project - Due Wednesday 11/8 - directions and readings are below

    Tuesday 11/7

    • No school

    Wednesday 11/8

    • Present Colonial Region Projects - take notes on other regions
      • Show what illustrations or pictures were used
      • Describe each section's information and compare each region's:
        • Economy
        • Natural Resources
        • Colonial Roles

    Thurday 11/9

    • All classes are in computer lab for career exploration

    Friday 11/10

    • Check in HIT Book for 2nd quarter.  Organize notebooks.
    • Introduce the Road to Revolution



    Monday 10/30

    Tuesday 10/31

    • Half day - no class due to 8th grade health education

    Wednesday 11/1

    • Work on colonial region project.  Readings for research are posted above
    • Return early English settlement test - test corrections are due by Friday 11/3

    Thursday 11/2

    • Introduce Salem Witch Trials - assign roles for in-class mock trials
    • Work on colonial region project
      • This becomes homework if not finished.  It is due Wednesday 11/8 at the latest.

    Friday 11/3 - End of 1st quarter

    Shorted class - Suessical the Musical

    • In-class Salem Witch Trials simulation (1st hour will be Monday 11/6)
    • Work on colonial region project for homework - due Wednesday 11/8
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