• Social Skills Groups
    Helping families negotiate the ups and downs of middle school

    Does your child need additional support to…

    • make and keep friends?
    • interpret body language and other social cues?
    • manage emotions and handle stress?

    If so, they may benefit from participation in a social skills group

    • Designed to improve student social interaction and communication skills through the use of experiential stories, small group work, role plays, hands on activities, and regular practice.


    • Students meet in a small group setting one to two days weekly.


    • Parent Updates are available on the website and provide helpful suggestions on concrete ways to maintain and build skills at home. 
    Topics include:

    • Middle School Survival Basics
    • Understanding and Managing Emotion
    • Communication Skills
    • Making Friends and Interacting With Peers
    • Personal Safety 
    • Vocational Readiness