• "You've got questions, we've got answers" - Staples

    Being a journalism teacher, I'm all about attribution. If you have a question about certain topics in class, you might be able to find the answers here. If there is ever a question you feel needs to be added for the good of the group, please email me and I will add it to the page.
    Q: "What is an ISN?"
    A: The Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) is a way for all students in the Writing class to keep all important information, writings, and notes in one spot. Consider it their writing journal. We will be taking notes, writing journal entries, and practicing writing skills inside this notebook. Students should have these with them each and every day of class. These notebooks should be composition notebooks. If a student does not have one, they may purchase one from me for $1.00 (the going rate at CVS). These notebooks will be collected periodically and will be graded based on their ability to keep it current, neat, and selected journal entries will be scored for ideas, word choice, and conventions (capitalization and punctuation).
    Q: "Is there extra credit my child can do?"
    A: The answer is simply no. They will be doing so much writing that extra worksheets in my opinion do not make them a better writer. If they do what is expected of them and work on improving their writing, their grades will definitely reflect their hard work. If there is ever extra credit, it will be offered to everyone at one time only based on the lesson or theme we are working on at the time.