• Brownell Choirs 2016-2017


    Contact Information:

    Email (preferred) – Carolyn.Gross@gpschools.org

    Voicemail – (313)432-5582


    Course Objectives

    My Goal is that students learn to sing - that simple - we are here to learn to sing,

    which includes learning all the fundamentals needed to create beautiful tone, expressive line, gorgeous ensemble,

    strong music reading skills, and commitment to the experience .  Key skills will be developed and reinforced; such

    as independent reading/counting/thinking skills, and listening/tuning/blending with the entire ensemble.

    "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"



    Rehearsal and Concert Attendance 25%--Performance is the culmination of practice and rehearsals.  It is an essential element to a complete musical education.  Therefore, concert attendance is a required part of all vocal music courses at Brownell.  A calendar of required activities is published so that conflicts can be resolved well in advance.

                    Attendance policy:

    1.        Excused absences are as follows:

    a.        Illness of student or family member

    b.        Absences which have been discussed by parent and teacher and agreed upon in advance

    c.         Absences of an emergency nature

    2.        Unexcused absences will result in a lowered grade.

    Written Work 25%--Class work will be given frequently; anything not finished during class time will be given as homework. 

    Quizzes_25%-- Written quizzes over the covered material will be given at the end of a unit of study.  Periodically singing quizzes may be given to demonstrate student growth and understanding of concepts.



    Class Rehearsal 25%-- The contribution you make to the success of the group (which includes attitude and behavior).   Choir is a “performance” based class.  There is NO WAY to learn to sing “choral music” by yourself.  It would be the same as learning to play football alone in the yard. 


    Points will be awarded when a student shows the following:

    ·         Being on time and prepared for class. 

    ·         Being an enthusiastic and contributing member of the ensemble.

    ·         Demonstrating proper vocal technique as learned in class

    ·         Talking only when it is appropriate and helpful.

    ·         A willingness to cooperate in every way your talent permits.


    Extra Credit Opportunities
    —Students will have a number of chances to earn extra credit throughout the school year.  One way students may earn extra credit each quarter is by attending concerts as an audience member (suggested concerts are those occurring within the Grosse Pointe schools, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, etc.) Students can receive extra credit through concert attendance by submitting a program (if available) and a written paragraph describing the performance.



    Conduct and Work Habits

    PBIS Responsibility Cards will guide student’s Conducts and Work Habits in the following way:

    (A)     Unprepared for Class, and (B) Homework incomplete Work Habits.

    0 signatures = 1 in work habits

    1 signature = 2 in work habits

    2 signatures = 3 in work habits

    3 signatures = 4 in work habits

    4 or more = 5 in work habits


    (C)Unsafe/Disruptive Behavior and (E) Unauthorized use of Cell Phone/Electronics will count towards Conduct Grade.

    0 signatures = 1 in conduct

    1 signature = 2 in conduct

    2 signatures = 3 in conduct

    3 signatures = 4 in conduct

    4 or more = 5 in conduct


    Concert Dress

    Please address this now as it is often difficult to find things at the last minute.

    7th grade:

    -Girls will be given a black choir dress to use for the year.  The cost to replace a lost or ruined dress is $65.  You will need to have black spankies, skin colored nylons, and black character shoes. (You will need those pieces for 8th grade choir.)  Moderate jewelry – simple stud earrings, thin necklace, nothing flashy. 

    -Boys need black dress pants, black belt, black dress shoes, black socks, a white dress shirt and a blue tie.

    8th grade:

    -Girls will be given a choir shirt and skirt to use for the year.  The cost to replace a shirt is $60, a skirt is $50.  You will need to have black spankies, skin colored nylons, and black character shoes.  Moderate jewelry – simple stud earrings, thin necklace, nothing flashy. 

    -I am hoping to change the 8th grade boys’ outfits this year.  Stay tuned for more info coming home soon.

    - Choir T-shirts:  we will be ordering choir T-shirts for the 8th graders to wear to less formal performances and rehearsals.  The cost of the shirt is approximately $15.

    6th grade boys and girls:

    -Any combination of dressy black, white or grey.  Please, no black jeans.

    -Black dress shoes.  No tennis shoes or sandals please.




    Remind – to join send a text to: 81010 with the correct grade level message.

    6th grade:  @fk6a8

    7th grade:  @8kfb2

    8th grade:  @4aff6



    Brownell Choirs 2016-2017

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Student Name:_________________________________________

    Parent Name:__________________________________________


    Anything you would like me to know about your child regarding choir?



    Parents are an important part of the choirs at Brownell. Please check any areas of expertise or where you are willing to volunteer your time.  Many thanks in advance!!

    _______ Fitting/measuring students for choir outfits

    ·         7th grade

    o   ______8:15am-10:20am Tuesday, September 13

    ·         8th grade

    o   ______12:00-1:00pm Tuesday, September 13

    _______ Altering choir outfits

    _______ Design and type concert programs (November and May)

    _______ Help with Elementary Choir Visit lunch (8th grade choir and Kerby, Richard, and Montieth 5th graders)

    _______ Supervise concert dress rehearsals (during the school day November 15  and May 31)

    _______ Driver for field trips ---Official driver sign-up information will be given out with permission slips.

                    ______December  9, Detroit Opera House (8th grade only)

                    ______December 16, community tour (7th grade only)

                    ______March 15 Stoney Creek High School, MSVMA Choral Festival (all choirs)

    _______ Chaperone Cedar Point trip May 20 (7th grade only)

    _______ Chaperone Chicago Trip April 27-29 (8th grade only)

    _______ Costco/Sam’s Club shopper (various times of the year)

    _______ Accompanying choirs on piano, running sectional rehearsals during the day

    _______Field trip forms and money collecting help (various times through the year, during the school day)

    _______Choreographing choirs for concerts

    _______Parent volunteer coordinator