• Parcells PTO Board Positions Descriptions

    All Board members serve for one school year.  Nominations and/or volunteers to fill open positions are sought in the spring and are appointed in the May PTO meeting for the following school year.

    President:  Presides over monthly Board meetings.  Facilitates Board discussions and PTO projects.  Suggests possible initiatives for the PTO.  Specific activities may include: meet with Parcells Principal to discuss expectations for and of PTO, speak to the 5th grade parents at Parent Night about the PTO, run the election for the next year's Board at the 6th /7th  grade Honor's Night, prepare incoming successor, and communicate with parents regarding PTO activities via the newsletter and/or school email. 


    Conducts PTO Board meetings when PTO President is absent.

    Holiday Bazaar Duties: 

    Takes place the first Saturday in December.  Acts as the “Administrative/Set-Up Lead” on the Holiday Bazaar committee as detailed below.  Additionally, oversees parking lot volunteers, manages the vendor shuttle bus before and after the event, coordinates the vendor set-up.  Works with the other three Holiday Bazaar executive committee members as detailed below. 

    Vice-President – Staff and Student Appreciation: 

    Staff Appreciation:

    Organizes the two Staff Appreciation Luncheons during the fall and spring Parent Teacher Conferences.  Includes contacting caterer, purchasing beverages and dessert, and room set up.  Responsible as well for soliciting volunteers for the two luncheons and for purchasing the staff appreciation gifts for the spring luncheon. 

    Student Appreciation:

    Solicits volunteers and recruits a chairperson(s) for the 6th Grade Welcome Party in September and the 8th Grade Graduation Celebration in June (both events for the students).  Provides support for both events as needed. 

    Responsible for recruiting a chairperson from the 8th grade class for the 6th and 7th Grades Honors Night (event for students and family).

    Responsible for recruiting a chairperson(s) from the 7th grade class for the 8th grade graduation ceremony and reception (event for students and family).

    Secretary: Records the minutes and attendance of the monthly PTO meetings.  E-mails the minutes from the previous meeting to the PTO Board prior to each eeting.  Prepares the agenda for each meeting.  Provides a typed PTO Board list to the school office and all Board members. Sends correspondence for the PTO regarding funerals, thank you notes, etc. Posts approved minutes to the Parcells website.

    Treasurer: Provides a budget for board approval, pays PTO bills, and makes PTO deposits.  Works with the Parcells Secretary to ensure PTO dues collected are paid to PTO. Provides monthly reports for the Board.  Collects money and makes change for vendors at the Holiday Bazaar.  Balances the monthly bank statement, maintains records (receipts, statements, cancelled checks, deposit receipts).  Provides reports for each fundraiser.  

    Directory & Membership: 

    Membership: Collects and alphabetizes the registration forms for each student.  Tallies forms to determine how many directories to order and disperse to each family. 

    Directory: Creates a blank "directory information" form to be used in online registration.  Picks up and edits completed membership forms.   Publishes directory and distributes to families and staff members. 

    Holiday Bazaar:  This is a four-person Executive Committee as described below:

    Takes place the first Saturday in December.  Committee members must be available Friday after school for set-up, all day Saturday during the actual event, through break-down / clean up that early Saturday evening.

    Vendor Lead: Managers the PTO Holiday Bazaar gmail account as it is the primary means of communicating with the vendors.  Handles the vendors by sending out invitations to returning vendors, recruiting new vendors and assigning vendor spaces.  Responsible for invoicing and collecting payment from all vendors via PTO PayPal account.  Works closely with the Treasurer.

    PR/Marketing Lead: Handles publicity for the event (social, digital, and print).  Is also responsible for scheduling the fire marshal inspection, as well as being present during the actual inspections.

    Volunteer Lead: Creates and administers the volunteer sign-up-genius for both parents and students for all needed shifts/positions during the Friday set-up, Saturday during the day, and the break-down after the event on Saturday.  This includes soliciting student volunteers from North and Parcells student organizations. 

    Administrative/Set-up Lead: Handles the administrative efforts and is the "General Contractor" for the event.  Works closely with the Vendor Lead.  This person coordinates the set up the night before the bazaar, designs vendor list/maps, orders tables and chairs, works with building maintenance  re: equipment and scheduling, sends building usage forms to Parcells, North and Mason. 

    In addition, all four Bazaar committee members set up the night before the Bazaar and are present the entire day of the Bazaar overseeing the event.

    Newsletter/Webmaster/Facebook: Contacts PTO to request information for the monthly school newsletter and submits info to the school secretary. Keeps the PTO section of the Parcells website updated as well as the PTO Facebook page.

    Clinic Coordinator: Schedules volunteers for the school clinic.  In the event of unexpected shift openings, uses email alerts and the school newsletter to fill openings.

    School Board Observer: Attends the Board Observer meeting on the second Monday of each month.  Attends School Board meetings on the 4th Monday of each month or watches meetings online.  Reports the highlights to the Parcells PTO Board.  

    PTO Council Observer: Attends the PTO council meetings each month on the first Tuesday at 7pm.  The meeting is held at the Board office (389 St. Clair Ave.). Reports the highlights to the Parcells PTO Board. 

    Teacher Representative: Solicits feedback from the Parcells teachers and represents them at the PTO Board meetings.