Occupational Therapy
    Occupational therapists offer services based on a student’s needs.  The delivery service model may be one-on-one, in a group, or services to the program.  The main goals addressed are fine motor skills related to classroom work such as writing, coloring, and cutting; sensory processing in the school environment; and functional skills (Activities of Daily Living).
    Physical Therapy services are offered based on need for students who require extra support to access the school environment. The delivery service model may be one-on-one, in a group, or services to the program.  The main goals addressed are gross motor skills related to classroom and school accessibility.

    School Psychology

    School psychologists consult with staff and parents regarding a child’s individual needs. They provide ancillary services to children including:
    • Evaluation and identification of a child’s specialized needs

    • Planning and implementation of educational supports, services and programs

    • Conduction functional behavior assessments

    • Development of interventions for children

    • Staff development

    • Parent training

    • Provide resources and information to school staff and parents

    • Coordinate with physician and other community service agencies


    School Social Work


    School Social Workers

    -participate in student evaluations determining eligibility for special education services

    -provide direct and indirect services to parents when a student's social, emotional and behavioral well-being is challenged and directly compromises school success.


    Teacher Consultant - Autism Spectrum

    Teacher Consultants for Children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD TCs) service children from birth to age 26.  ASD TCs perform many different roles within and outside of the district.  They serve as members of the school teams, which evaluate students for educational programming, support parents of students with special needs and support the special education and general education programs and classrooms.  Our ASD TCs also in-service school staff and students, attend Wayne County RESA workshops that impact special education programming and are members of the Tri-County Consulting Group.

    Teacher Consultant - Deaf/ Hard of Hearing
    Following the eligibility process, students with hearing loss may be eligible to receive services from a Teacher Consultant (TC) who works with children who are (D)eaf/ or Hard of Hearing.  (D/HH)   The TC D/HH helps coordinate services between the student and his/her teacher(s) assisting in establishing best practices including optimal acoustic environments and sharing knowledge of how students with hearing loss tend to learn.  The TC also coordinates with educational audiology services, as some students use an FM/ soundfield amplification system. Students with severe delays in performance or development may spend time directly working with the consultant on individualized goals. 
    Teacher Consultant - Visually Impaired
    Students who have problems seeing (whether partially sighted or blind) are often referred to as having a visual impairment which interferes with development or which may affect their learning.  Among the characteristics are visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye after correction, or a peripheral field of vision restricted to not more than 20 degrees.  The student may need orientation and mobility services.