NJHS Service Hours

  • Service Hours

    NJHS Community Service and Committee Work Hours Requirements: 
    Very Important: In order for service hours to be recorded a completed service form signed by the supervising adult must be turned in to Mrs. Doherty.
    Within the Pierce Community (2 hours every quarter)
    Organized tutoring in the Elementary School
    Hours can be obtained by working:
    Pizza sales = .5 hour
    Selling tickets, etc. at lunch = .5 hour
    Helping before or after school = Hours vary by activity
    Organized after school activities = Hours vary by activity
    Selling tickets, etc. before/after school = Hours vary by activity
    Pierce service opportunities sought out by the member = Hours vary by activity
    Please see Mrs. Quinn if you are in need of in-school service opportunities
    Outside of the Pierce Community (2 hours every quarter)
    2 hours of an activity that is not part of the Pierce Community.
    Examples of out-of-school activities done in the past:
    * Gleaners Food Bank
    * COTS (coalition of temporary shelters)
    * Church activities (Thanksgiving dinners, Easter breakfast, Fish Fry, Homeless baskets, Playing an  instrument for service, thrift stores, child care room, etc.)
    * Soup Kitchens
    * Helping citizens in your neighborhood (not for money)
    * Athletic Department Concession Stand
    * Arts and Scraps volunteer
    * Service for Older Citizens
    * The Miracle League of Michigan
    * Full Circle Upscale Resale Shop
    * St. Mary's Nursing Home
    * Sunrise Assisted Living Center
    * Windemere Park Assisted Living Center
    * Michigan Lake House
    Elementary Tutoring Guidelines

    1.      Students can count elementary tutoring as in-school or out-of-school hours.

    2.      If you are unable to fulfill your commitment to tutor then you must find a replacement and notify Mrs.Quinn immediately.
    1.      Students who do not turn in a signed form, attend a group event, or fulfill a commitment they have signed up for earn a demerit
    * 2 demerits = probation
    * 3 demerits = hearing before the Faculty Council
    2.   Students who do not show up for their tutoring assignment will receive a demerit